Kylie Minogue – Disco

Kylie Minogue - Disco



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very nice nostalgic album
  • Travel back to Kylie's golden era
  • Very straight and well produced Cons

  • Too much dance night and love topic songs
  • Kylie Minogue tracks are very characteristic / similar

Sweet fifteen albums – Kylie Minogue is simply the pop queen from Down Under. Whenever the Australian is releasing an album, it has massive world-wide hit potential. Disco has been released on 6th November 2020.


Kylie Minogue – About The Artist

Kylie Ann Minogue was born on 28th May 1968 in Melbourne, Australia. Apart from her home country passport, she also has a British citizenship and is even an Officer of the Order of the British Empire. Her sister Dannii is two years younger than her. She did not have great success in her early years and finally had a breakthrough as an actor in the late 1980’s in the Neighbours TV show, which gained quite massive popularity in the United Kingdom. She released her debut album at the age of 29. Boosted by the world-wide sucess of I Should BE So Lucky, which topped several singles charts, and other tracks like Got to Be Certain and The Loco-Motion, the self-titled Kylie sold five million copies all over the globe. Even though the following album Enjoy Yourself topped the UK charts in 1989, the album sold slightly weaker.

Her most successful album, however, was Fever (2001) with six million copies sold and multiple number one placements. The key reason for that was the single Can’t Get You Out of My Head. Australia and the United Kingdom, however, stayed her key markets.


Kylie Minogue – Disco – Track by Track

My review features the Deluxe version of the album, which contains 16 tracks and lasts 53 minutes. The standard version does not contain the last four tracks (roughly twelve minutes shorter).

1. Magic

You got me started and nothing on earth can stop it
It’s crazy, I’m falling
I don’t know what else to call it
Boy, do you believe in magic?
Do you, do you, do you?
Do you believe in magic?
Dancing together
Ain’t nothing that could be better
Tomorrow don’t matter
We’ll make the night last forеver
So, do you believе in magic?
Do you, do you, do you?
Do you believe in magic?

I wouldn’t state Magic to be overwhelmingly magical, but after some charts ups and downs during the last, the track is definitely closer towards the Kylie Minogue style of music, which has been successful in the recent past. Easy dance-pop, with the Minogue-way of making you smile. 1990’s / early 2000’s Kylie fans start the album with a smile, definitely.

2. Miss A Thing

After I had some struggle with the Magic starter, Miss A Thing is even closer to the good Kylie Minogue times – or in other words: it is nostalgic in a very good way. The short Australian lady is making us dance!

3. Real Groove

I saw you dancing with somebody
Looking like me and you
She know how to party
But nothing like me and you
Got that perfect body
But she ain’t got the moves
We got something better
Got that real groove, baby

The album is an album for the dancefloor so far – and it is an album about the dancefloor as well. Very cool rhythm in the chorus. Minogue is just catching me with her songs – even though the lyrics are not really deep.

4. Monday Blues

A bit younger, more cheeky – the Monday Blues with its guitar-sound in the background is adding a bit of a different touch to Disco – even though Kylie is (of course) another one to make you dance here. Nice track.

5. Supernova

Baby, all I need
Is just a little bit of your starlight
Shining on me
I never knew an aura was so bright
So bright, ooh
Shining like a supernova
Brightest of the stars
From another galaxy
Like Jupiter and Mars
Baby, all I need
Is just a little bit of your starlight
You’re my supernova

Supernova is touching the kind of lyrics which I feel to be a bit too much made up. Maybe one of the risks of Kylie Minogue’s music: on the one hand, the range of sounds is comparably thin (but within these limits, she is producing great stuff), on the other hand, in order to create new songs, new topics, she has to work with a quite wide range of lyrics and metaphors. This one is a bit too much randomly taken from the children book about astronomy.

6. Say Something

Say Something was likely the song, which has been used most to promote Minogue’s 2020 album – there are also comparably much remixes already. The album version is the least rhythmic of the tracks so far, which gives a very special touch and also a stronger focus on her voice and the lyrics. I feel this reminds of some of the big Minogue songs again – and this slight departure from drum-dominated tracks is just a welcome detour on Disco.

7. Last Chance

This is the last chance
For the first dance
Bring your body close
So if you got a minute
Then the DJ gonna play my song
The one that always turns me on

The album is indeed a travel back in time – I am just asking myself in tracks like Last Chance, if 52 year old Kylie Minogue is still such a beast on the dancefloor. But maybe that’s part of the nostalgia as well.

8. I Love It

I Love It has been a single release before the album as well – the ingredients are similar: disco dancefloor pop, 1990’s style, love, dance and clubbing in the lyrics… It luckily does not get as monotonous as it might read in the review, but that’s majorly due to the genius of Kylie Minogue and the team around her to still create something new.

9. Where Does The DJ Go?

Where Does The DJ Go // When The party’s over tonight – I guess the answer is something like grabbing a burger at a snack bar and then going home for a night. But of course, for dancefloor queen Kylie, it is not enough and she wanna chance another dance before before morning. Not my favorite track of the album at all.

10. Dance Floor Darling

Would you be, would you be
Would you be my dance floor darling
You and me, you and me
You and me, let’s dance till morning

The track is comparably slow, which gives it a special touch. I have to admit that I am a bit of tired of the lyrics already (I should likely not listen to them too much in pop tracks). But the melody is cool – and the songs are finally made for a party night, not for a deep lyrical interpretation. The song, by the way, gains quite some more speed in the last minute.

11. Unstoppable

While I felt quite a bit of fascination in the first half of the album, the recent tracks could not really fully connect to that. Unstoppable has a bit less of a nostalgic touch to me (you could also say: it is a bit more modern) – and it just does not work as good with me as other songs before.

12. Celebrate You

Everything I like about myself is better with you
Scream it to the world like what the hell, I celebrate you
Coz everything I like about myself is better with you
Scream it to the world like what the hell, I celebrate you

Still, there are reference to a dance night – but Celebrate You is a great way to finish the standard part of the album. Kylie Minogue can also do beautiful tracks without the full power of the drum machine – thanks for this statement.

13. Till You Love Somebody

Is it worth to spend some extra money for this set of four additional tracks? Till You Love Somebody is a definite “yes” to that question. The album connects to the first songs on Disco in a lovely manner. Good one.

14. Fine Wine

Kylie Minogue is continuing to add songs in the Disco style. Thereby, Fine Wine feels quite modern to me, it also has quite some power. I am really wondering why this one is a bonus track only. Really nice listen with a touch of summer feeling.

15. Hey Lonely

After the powerful Fine WineHey Lonely feels a bit too thin my life. Bad luck, as the quick and easy song is having a nice touch.

16. Spotlight

The album (or at least: the deluxe version) closes with Spotlight, which is the shortest of all songs (2:42 minutes). It’s a Kylie, no doubt – I would see it as an average track on the Disco album.


Kylie Minogue – Disco – Spotify

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Kylie Minogue – Disco – My View

Thank you, Kylie, for taking us on that time ride back to the golden roots of your music. Disco is a lot of fun – and the ones who loved your music will take out their old high heels and dancefloor attire and dance with you during lockdown. Kylie Minogue makes us smile during these difficult times – so I really appreciate these sixteen songs. On the other hand, I sometimes doubt if they are still authentic – and if that’s really (still) the life of the Australian superstar.



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