Donna Missal – Lighter

Donna Missal - Lighter



4.4/5 Pros

  • Very versatile album
  • Great voice
  • Travel through different styles / genres

While scanning the album releases as of 10th July 2020, I ran into Lighter by Donna Missal. I have to admit that my knowledge about her was very limited – but the music I could pre-listen just felt to be shared with you. Hope you enjoy as well.


Donna Missal – About The Artist

Donna Missal was born on 26th December 1990 in New Jersey. There are some musical roots in her family, as her grandmother was a songwriter in the 1940’s and her father partially worked as a professional musician and managed a recording studio. Her first publications were Christmas songs recorded alongside her family, but she also started to do performing and songwriting. After being quite successful for example in movie soundtracks, she recorded her debut single Keep Lying, which made it to 1.5 million streams already. Apart from solo projects, she also worked with other acts like Macklemore. Her debut album was released in 2018. It is called This Time. Her style is a quite unique mix of Pop, R&B and Alternative Rock. Lighter is Missal’s second album.


Donna Missal – Lighter – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 38 minutes.

1. How Does It Feel

Especially if I run into music by an artist I do not know too much much about, the first song or songs of an album / EP give you that kind of feeling: good or bad? Donna Missal definitely grants me an easy choice here: good! The track feels very modern, intense, atomospheric. I like her singing. Smiling for now 🙂

2. Hurt By You

While the first track of the album was rather on the modern pop side, there is a stronger portion of rock music in here. Still a great radio track with very melodic vocals.

3. Carefully

If you want to leave
Do it carefully
When you’re handling things
Go easy
If you wanted to lie
You don’t need to try
To be mean to me
Do it carefully

Third song, third very different atmosphere: this song is very melancholic and deep. The singing in this track is really cool, wide range from deep sound in the verses to quite high, powerful, a bit of angry-sounding vocals in the chorus. Wow!

4. Best Friend

Okay, I like the introducing trio of songs, but Best Friend is my best friend so far.It just catches me so much. Very intense track.

5. Slow Motion

Piano, acoustic guitar, Donna Missal – that’s all what it need to compose Slow Motion. Nice atmosphere in this one.

6. Let You Let Me Down

Let You Let Me Down was one of the songs which have been published before the album – and the fans loved it with great reviews. I like the song and it was one of the reasons why I decided to present Lighter to you. But now, I have to say: others are even better. The good thing about all that is: the album is very versatile so far – so I am sure, there is the right song for you as well.

7. Bloom

Bloom again has very limited instrumentation and thus focuses very strongly on Missal’s lyrics. However, this song is not having the deep, melancholic character of Slow Motion. Nice!

8. Just Like You

I was tempted to feel that this could be the first song which I don’t enjoy fully – but the chorus of this quite alternative rock-alike sounding Just Like You is just too good. This lady is just doing a good job – no argue against it.

9. Who Loves You

I just enjoy the range of sounds which are on Lighter – Who Loves You is another cool track with a very own atmosphere. Thank you!

10. I’m Not Ready

The album concludes with the 5:20 minute track I’m Not Ready. And it is such a great song again, touch of rock, reminds me strongly of Heather Nova, for example.


Donna Missal – Lighter – Spotify

Here is Lighter on Spotify:


Donna Missal – Lighter – My View

Wow! This is one of these kind of albums where I like to wake up early on a Friday morning for. I did not know Donna Missal just two weeks ago, when I finalized the 10th July 2020 album planning. I felt that she is a lovely artist after two, three tracks of Lighter already – and after listening to the full 38 minute album, I am just in love. Great vocals, very versatile songs and writing. Sometimes she does it the very simple and traditional way, other songs feel so modern. But I just cannot name a weak song of that album. This is how you deserve to make it to my top rankings – Top Pick!, definitely. – The Best in Media

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