Tenille Arts – Love, Heartbreak, & Everything in Between

Tenille Arts - Love, Heartbreak, & Everything in Between



4.0/5 Pros

  • Very versatile songs
  • Upcoming artist with a lovely voice
  • Well produced Cons

  • Some songs are too brave

Her first album release under a record deal – I was very curious about Tenille Arts‘s second album Love, Heartbreak, & Everything in Between, which the Canadian released on 10th January 2019. After I was amazed of her recent performances, I hoped that the album will be as enjoyable as watching her live on stage.


Tenille Arts – About The Artist

Tenille Arts is a 1994 born Canadian Artist from Weyburn, Saskatchewan. She is performing since her later teenager years and started her career with some independent releases. Her first major success was in 2017, when her single What he’s Into made it to the Top 50 of the Canadian Country Charts. Her self-titled EP was even nominated for the Album of the Year category of the Saskatchewan Country Music Association. One year later, she won five awards in that regional association and signed her first record deal. I hate This, which will be part of Love, Heartbreak, & Everything in Between made it up to the 41st position in the US country charts in 2018. Another 2018 single, Mad Crazy Love, which will not be on any long-player, place 40th in the Canadian Country Charts. The promo single Wildfire and Whiskey, a 2017 song, has been included several weeks in the Country Music Playlists. Touring with Willie Jones and Tylor Rich in October 2019 under the Sound of Nashville label, she also attracted a lot of new fans in Germany, for example at her Cologne concert.


Tennille Arts – The Album – Track by Track

The album contains of twelve songs with an overall playing time of some forty minutes.

1. Somebody Like That

The first track, Somebody Like That, is one of the singles already published from the album. I love the song – it is easy, well produced, very catchy and powerful. Lovely!

2. Slow It Down

And show you how to slow it down
Take the clock and throw it out
Make a minute feel like ten
Like it’s never gonna end
Baby let me show you how
How to slow it down

This song is really slowing down the mood powered by the first track. A very intense ballad-alike song.

3. Wild Love

Wild Love has a lot of potential to me. Tenille’s voice is very present, nearly impressive, in this one. Enjoy listening!

4. Butterfly Effect

With just some 150 seconds, the song is very short. It is still a very intense and good recording, I especially love the chorus.

5. I Hate This

I Hate This has in fact already been released in October 2018. While it gained a lot of attention that year, I feel that it is the weakest track of the first five songs.

6. Nothing to See Here

Tenille Arts published this song in December 2019 already. A very slow track, which gains a bit more power over time. Nice one!

7. Another Life

Piano and Tenille’s impressive voice. This song uses a few elements, which form an impressive mixture. It is a lovely ballad – you might not feel too much country in it, but a lot of emotions.

8. Right Guy, Wrong Time

Again, Right Guy, Wrong Time is more on the soft and emotional side. The arrangement is much richer than in the previous tracks, though. Still, I start to long for some more power in this album.

9. Call You Names

At the beginning of Call You Names, I felt that the song will be very slow again. But the track is really maturing over its close to four minutes runtime. I like the arrangement, the mixture of different musical elements, which makes it a good listen to.

10. Missing You

You first feel you are in a ballad, but this song rocks more and more. To me, this is definitely a lovely track, also as it has such beautiful changes between different characteristics.

11. Wouldn’t You Like to Know

I already tended to forget how good Tenille Arts is when she is doing powerful country music. I would love to have two or three more songs like Wouldn’t You To Know on Love, Heartbreak,  Everything in between. Arts impresses me that much in these songs.

12. Everybody Knows Everybody

At least the album is finishing with another rocking and powerful track, which just gives a great ending. Enjoy dancing and swaying to it!


Tennille Arts – The Album on Spotify

Here is your opportunity to pre-listen to the full album:


Love, Heartbreak, & Everything in Between – My View

I loved Tenille Arts on stage at her Cologne concert, and she keeps that magic in the twelve tracks of Love, Heartbreak, & Everything in Between. Like love and heartbreak, the album has contrasts, is very versatile, but never looses a very high musical quality. Tenille Arts definitely proofs with her second album that she is an artist with a lot of potential to become one of the very great Canadian artists of the genre. Some songs still need an extra kick, though – the middle part of the album feels a bit too monotonous to me.Still a really good one. Country Music Reviews

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