Dustin Bird – Unscripted

Dustin Bird - Unscripted



3.0/5 Pros

  • Nice songwriting potential
  • Straight modern country tracks (after the first some songs) Cons

  • Too short
  • Just two new songs
  • Too monotonous towards the end

A brief debut album from Ontario: Canadian Dustin Bird is releasing Unscripted on 5th February 2021. The eight track debut covers some single the singer and songwriter has released during the last few years – but, of course, there are also some new tunes. Here is my track by track review.


Dustin Bird – About The Artist

Dustin Bird is a Canadian singer and songwriter from Stirling in Ontario, not too far away from Belleville, home of the 2016 World Floorball Championships U19 Girls. After being quite active on the writing side, he became more and more successful on as an artist as well around 2018. The first single I found on Spotify was Wake Up (2019), but he released a song called She Likes My Guitar before. Wake Up, which is also part of his Unscripted debut album, made him grow increase the spotlights on him. The song was streamed on Spotify only some 135,000 times already.


Dustin Bird – Unscripted – Track by Track

The album has eight tracks and lasts 23 minutes. Two songs, Rolling Stone and Every Little Town are live recordings. Only two songs are new tracks.

1. Rolling Stone

The slow and groovy style of Rolling Stone reminds me of soul-pop tracks rather than country. It comes with a nice melody and easy to keep in mind vocals.

2. Broke and Lonely

Broke and Lonely is much more a straight new country pop song. Again, the chorus is written in a very catchy way. In the bridge, the song is quite uplifting.

3. It Ain’t Me

New song, number one – at least I could not find It Ain’t Me as a previous release. The track is very rhythmic and again is very mainstream and pop-oriented.

4. Every Little Town

So far, the two Live Off The Floor tracks with their directly appealing style are the strongest factors in the Unscripted experience. A rather slow song, in which I love to listen Dustin Bird’s voice most so far.

5. Wake Up

Sometimes, the masses just don’t lie. Wake Up is a straight modern country song with a catching melody. Even though the song feels to be quite close to classic structures and styles of Nashville mass mainstream recordings, it is a good one.

6. Love Problem

The second new song, Love Problem, is one of my favorites on the album. However, you have to say that the songs in this part of the album are very similar in style.

7. People

To me, the melodic People is the track with the most present and beautiful chorus. A song about being different and still belonging togehter. Nice!

8. Unscripted

Dustin Bird closes his debut with the title track. A very encouraging message at the end of the album.



Dustin Bird – Unscripted – Spotify

Here is Unscripted on Spotify:


Dustin Bird – Unscripted – My View

Unscripted is doing eight really nice songs. On the other hand, especially the second half of the album is melodically and structurally quite close and does not come with too many surprises. And, of course, even despite it is a debut, two new tracks out of eight is a bit of thin – as well as just having 23 minutes in total. I feel there is more potential in Dustin Bird than I can reflect rating his debut album.


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