Lordi – The Masterbeast From The Moon (from: Lordiversity)

Lordi - The Masterbeast From The Moon



4.3/5 Pros

  • Great transition of the monsters to progressive rock
  • Great atmosphere and storytelling

The third album from the Lordiversity septuplet is The Masterbeast From The Moon. The album cover feels a lot like scary stories – and indeed there is some touch of hard rock opera in this album, paired with a touch of progressive rock. Welcome to the late 1970’s in this review!


Lordi – The Masterbeast From The Moon – Track by Track

The twelve tracks album lasts 47 minutes.

1. SCG Minus 5: Transmission Request

Here we go for the third time. SCG Minus 5. The story starts with a radio transmission from somewhere in the universe. We are under attack by the Masterbeast from the Moon. The story is about to begin – in very typical Lordi style.

2. Moonbeast

A touch of thrilling a movie soundtrack, hapsichord sound and simply a thrilling atmosphere: Lordi tell the beginning of the story in the epic 6:29 minute Moonbeast track initially without using any vocals – the first time you hear Mr. Lordi is after some 2:15 minutes. This first musical track of the album feels like Lordi’s musical homeland – the Finns simply do this track close to perfection.

3. Celestial Serpents

Not too surprisingly, The Masterbeast From The Moon is the longest album of the Lordiversity. The monsters invest any time they need to set this twelve track story into perfect musical atmosphere. Like in the predecessor song, Hella has a lot of presence and is developing melodic elements on the keyboards. Very nicely, the band is contrasting between riff driven hard rock elements and very melodic parts. Cool.

4. Hurricane Of The Slain

While Moonbeast and Celestial Serpents were rather long tracks, which also invest a lot of time into instrumental part, Hurricane Of The Slain does not need much more than keyboard and string sounds and the sound of the vocal monster. Mr Lordi’s vocals sometimes feel very rough – but overall, the track is creating a beautiful contrast to the powerful beginning. Only 3:01 minutes, by the way.

5. Spear Of The Romans

Spear Of The Romans goes back to the instrumental and vocal storytelling. Again, Hella at the keyboard but also additional sounds like jingles create an almost magical atmosphere, before the vocals join in after some two hours. The repetitive Spear Of The Romans and powerful riffs by Amen more and more turn the song into an amazing listen.

6. Bells Of The Netherworld

Bells Of The Netherworld is a rather short song again (3:01 minutes). Even though it connects to the atmospheric sound of the track before, it also has quite a nice sing-a-long potential – the chorus takes the expressway into your metal music heart. The finale of the song is an absolutely rich blast.

7. Transmission Reply

Just twenty seconds which finally is a reply to the original radio transmission. The story goes on.

8. Church Of Succubus

One key reason, why this album is longer than the other Lordiversity ones, is also Church Of Succubus. It is like melting and mixing all ingredients of the album into an amazing twelve minute Finnish masterpiece. On the one hand, there is storytelling and excellent work with strings, spinet sounds and synth elements. Then there is the typical Lordi rock sound with easy to remember, fun songs with a touch of horror and irony. Nice work on the drums, solo parts by Amen – this dozen of minutes gives every Lordi member the chance to have a shiny time.

9. Soliloquy

Less than two minutes, distorted sounds and a touch of former RUSH recordings – when Mr Lordi feels a bit like an even more evil version of Darth Vader, you just have to feel a bit of scared. Give in, you had some cold shiver while listening. Cool track.

10. Robots Alive!

With the electronic background sounds of Robots Alive!, Mr Lordi feels to bawl even stronger than in other songs of the album. The song might not be on the top of the list of songs of Lordiversity, but it adds a nice, groovy feeling to this metal opera.

11. Yoh-Haee-Von

Flute sounds, a choir singing vocals – even after ten songs we listened to before, Lordi can still surprise the listener with something completely. Nice added atmosphere.

12. Transmission On Repeat

The transmission is repeated and then breaks down. The story is over with a somehow open end. If Lordi stories wouldn’t end in a bloody way anyway…


Lordi – The Masterbeast From The Moon – Streaming

The album will be the last one available online. You can listen to it on streaming platforms from 18th February 2022.


Lordi – The Masterbeast From The Moon  – My View

Very hard to judge on this album. First of all, the Finnish monsters impress me by doing so well in this progressive rock field. They also do an excellent job in creating atmosphere and telling stories – which you could likely expect. It is not a perfect sound, it is not a perfect opera – but I love the way they adopt and also turn the genre into something which is still Lordi-alike. Thus, I go for the Top Pick! rating for the first time at album 3 out of 7.


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