Drew Haley – Wildflower EP

Drew Haley - Wildflower



3.5/5 Pros

  • Beautiful voice
  • Nice range of songs Cons

  • A bit too plain and thus too unflashy

Drew Haley is quite an interesting artist. She even had TV appearance in the past and got a quite solid fan base already. When I scanned the new releases as of 2nd October 2020, I ran into her new EP Wildflower and decided to share it with you.


Drew Haley – About The Artist

Drew Haley is likely not at all unknown to country music fans, as she had scattered appearances on the TV series Nashville. She is also one of the co-founders of Get It Girl Nashville, who are supporting female singer-songwriters in the still very male-orientated country music scene. Some of you might also know has as part of Highway Women, as which she records with Heather Harper, Amanda Pruitt and Kirsten Kae. The quartet is still active and released their last single, Shake The Dust, in June 2020. Drew Haley, who is from East Texas, started solo recording in 2012 with the EP Two Reasons. After this eight year break, Wildflower is the artist’s second EP.

Drew Haley – Wildflower – Track by Track

The five song EP lasts fifteen minutes:

1. Wildflower

The title track of the EP is a lovely slow country-pop track. Very intense and convincing. Nice one!

2. Fool To Remember

The second song of the album concentrates much stronger on Drew Haley’s voice than the title track. I really love that, as it underlines Haley’s vocal skills. Slow one again, but a real beauty in my point of view.


3. Mood Swing

From the very first second, Mood Swing is giving a very different rhythm. The track is very rhythmic. Maybe not the perfect track for a country music party, but a lovely one to just spread some happiness.

4. Listen To The Sound

Listen To The Sound is a lovely country pop track. I could imagine it will be a nice one in airplay one day. Very present, rhythmic, but not intrusive. Like Mood Swing, it has this makes-you-feel-happy touch… Not too bad to have some of that.

5. Whole Wide World

The fifth track of the EP was one key cause which convinced me to share these songs with you. The verses are maybe a bit too ordinary, but I love the chorus, which is very catchy to me. A different kind of song in this set of five ones. Nice!

Drew Haley – Wildflower – Spotify

Here is Wildflower on Spotify:


Drew Haley – Wildflower – My View

Well done, Drew Haley. Wildflowers is really a nice musical statements. The songs are maybe a bit too kind and too shy to make it to top rankings, but the recording is pretty solid – and Haley’s voice is just beautiful. Definitely a good listen, so you might dare a try.


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