Dritte Wahl – Urlaub in der Bredouille

Dritte Wahl - Urlaub in der Bredouille



4.6/5 Pros

  • Powerful and energetic songs
  • Great, socially critical lyrics

A vacation album? The title Urlaub in der Bredouille sounds like a road trip album to some French region… But if you speak German, you know that Bredouille rather means “trouble”. Te band who is releasing the album is Dritte Wahl – the name translates to somehting “Third-Grade Quality”.Let’s see if the album release as of 15th December 2023 is better than average.


Dritte Wahl – About The Artists

Dritte Wahl is a rock and punk rock band from Rostock in Northern Germany. The band has its roots in the G.D.R., though, as it has been founded in 1986. Their sound is also close to metal, which increased the political pressure on the band before the German re-union. Despite the long band history, two of the four original founding members are still active, Gunnar Schroeder (now: guitar and vocals) and drummer Jörn Krel Schroeder.One of the other founding members, Marko Busch’n Busch, died in 2005. The current line-up is completed with Stefan Ladwig (bass, vocals) and Holger H. (keys, guitars).

Especially the most recent album releases have been very successful in the German album charts. The 2017 release 10 peaked on the 12th spot in the German charts. 3D is the current release by the band before Urlaub in der Bredouille. Released in September 2020, it made it up to the sixth spot in their domestic charts.


Dritte Wahl – Urlaub in der Bredouille – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 39 minutes.

1. Wir schießen die Milliardäre ins All

The album is full of social critics, which always has a nice touch of biting irony. This makes the song very much like a punk one. The opener, for example, states, “We are shooting the billionaires into space”. Of course, there is a lot of detail, which made me smile during the listen. Love this track.

2. Simulation

In Simulation, the album shows a clear hard rock and heavy metal heart. “We are living in the simulation” is creating a scary dystopia. If you want to listen to harmonic, optimistic tunes, you like go for other releases anyway.

3. Urlaub in der Bredouille (feat. Deine Cousine)

For the title track, the all-male band asks for some female support. For that rationale, they are supported by Deine Cousine, who I also featured in my blog several times. However, the guest musician becomes fully present in the beach-song alike coda of the song.

4. Panama

When you bring your money to Panama, you have a happy life… Or like the Rostock band is stating, Oh wie schön ist Panama, meine Kohle ist schon da – “Oh, how beautiful is Panama – my cash is already there”. Tax dodging has rarely been that groovy in the history of music.

5. Keine Zeit für weiße Fahne

No time to give up – or to waive the white flag. The song is criticizing the too high power and impact of large companies and leaders on the “mob”. The song is asking the people to stand up instead of giving up. Very nice, energetic hard rocker.

6. Das regelt der Markt

“The markets are regulating it on their own”. The sixth track has been the first single release of the album. Since mid 2022, the song has been streaming some 600k times already. The cool blending between metal sections and synth pop indeed leads to a really cool sound. Love it.

7. Edwin Aldrin

The billionaires have been shot into space already – now Dritte Wahl are praising Edwin Buzz Aldrin in their seventh song. A cool track, which is reflecting the sad and dramatic faith of the US-American astronaut, including his depression and alcoholism. The song is beautifully reminding not to forget people like him, who made the big steps for Neil Armstrong possible.

8. Steine im Weg

Wenn Dir das Schicksal einmal Steine in den Weg legt,
Dann stell Dich drauf und sieh Dich ganz in Ruhe um.
Genieß die Aussicht und fixier’ erneut Dein Ziel
Schließlich stehen alle Deine Träume auf dem Spiel”)

(“If luck is putting some rocks on your way
Stand on them have calmly look around
Enjoy the view and aim for your target again
Finally, all your dreams are at hazard.”)

The eighth track is another very impressive listen. A very hymnic hard rocker with a positive, uplifting message. One of the best ones of the album..

9. Der Spion (feat. 100 Kilo Herz)

The first part of the song could be an alternative opener to James Bond movies. Indeed, this track is about Der Spion (“The Spy”) is indeed a song just about that genre. The chorus is a really good catch – and the spy movie-alike samples  lead to a really great atmosphere. Well done.

10. Statistik

The closer is criticizing how statistics are manipulated and generated in order to push a certain decision – even if the people in fact want it. A great way of delivering a final match. The song is very groovy and partially feels like a blues rocker.


Dritte Wahl – Urlaub in der Bredouille – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Dritte Wahl – Urlaub in der Bredouille – My View

I definitely love to be on this musical vacation. Dritte Wahl is definitely not third, but top class. Cool stories, impressing and powerful lyrics. Wow!

Favorite Song: Edwin Aldrin


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