Navian – Cosmos

Navian - Cosmos



3.9/5 Pros

  • Really good instrumental metal album
  • Good musical quality Cons

  • Some songs feel a bit similar

What are you doing when you are making new friends at the party celebrating your recent Bachelor graduation in contemporary music? Of course you found a progressive metal band. The result is a Norwegian trio called Navian – and their debut is called Cosmos. The release date of the eight songs is 19th November 2021.


Navian – About The Artist

Unfortunately, most of the key facts about Navian I know are already in the introduction of this posting. The band consists of three members, with Martin Stenstad Selen on the guitar, Christian Alexander Espeseth on the bass and Ola Donnem at the drums. Apart from their common project, all three have worked as session musicians. And by the way: if you missed a singer in this band: there is none – Navian is doing instrumental music.


Navian – Cosmos – Track by Track

The eight song album lasts 39 minutes.

1. Luna

Luna is a very atmospheric opener, which is living from a nice contrast between powerful guitar riffs and electronic/synth sounds. There are also some parts for the long-haired listener to bang your head to the music.

2. Ghost Stories

Whenever I listen to (well-done) instrumental music, I ask myself if there haven’t been some sort of lyrics in the original composition, which are finally replaced by a guitar, a violin or another instrument. Especially at the beginning of the Ghost Stories, the guitar feels to tell you the story of the song. Later, Navian rather concentrates to create a frightening, thrilling feeling with their instruments. Cool sound – the bridge even has a touch of a jazzy vibe.

3. Apricity

Apricity (I had to look up that word before the review…) comes with a very different atmosphere. More tempo from the beginning, the song feels to suck you into his world with a lot of energy. However, it later also calms down. When the band centers the electric guitar chords as the core element of the sound of this song, it turns to an amazing listen. Finally, there is also a part for the harder rockers.

4. Silver Lining

While Silver Lining does not catch me as much as the songs before at the beginning, I really enjoy the second half of the track, which comes with a cool atmosphere and great guitar play.

5. Temple

The trip to the Temple is not a slow starter at all. The riffs are dominating the sound of this track right from the beginning of the song. In contrast to most other tracks on Cosmos, the band does not go for a really slower and quieter part here. I enjoy that.

6. Breeze

Breeze, which is the shortest song on the album is giving me that “the guitar is telling me a story”-feeling again. I absolutely love that. Finally, the sixth track with a cool main theme and the very present guitar performance is my favorite track on the album.

7. Duchess

What I like about Duchess is that, at its beginning, it gives room for the very good work of Ola Donnem on the drums, before it is up to the electronic strings to more and more take over the melody. The song is already quite epic, as it is 5:24 minutes. The grand finale is waiting for the listener at the very end, though.

8. Cosmos

The title track is at the finale of the album – some eight minutes of great, versatile instrumental rock and metal music with different atmosphere. Yes, Breeze is my favorite, as I love its compactness and playing style – but if you love skilled instrumental work, you likely will have to wait until the last track of this album.



Navian – Cosmos – Spotify

I will add the Spotify widget to this review once the album has been published.


Navian – Cosmos – My View

I really love well-recorded instrumental music. These Norwegians do their genre with a lot of skill and style and create really nice atmosphere. Here and there, a wider range of sounds would be cool. Overall, though, the album is a really good option, not only for instrumental music lovers.


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