Samuel Rösch – Geschichten

Samuel Rösch - Geschichten



3.4/5 Pros

  • Great voice
  • Some very good songs Cons

  • Some songs are inexplicable thin

From the big talent show stage to the (virtual) record stores: After Samuel Rösch won the German The Voice in 2018, it took almost three years for him to release his debut album. The title is simply Geschichten (“Stories”). The release date is 23rd April 2021.


Samuel Rösch – About The Artist

Samuel Rösch was born on 24th August 1994. He grew up in Saxony region Erzgebirge in the East of Germany. He is a studied teacher for religious (protestant) education. In 2018, he won the corresponding season of the German version of The Voice, coached by Michael Patrick Kelly. After a tour in 2019 and a single release, Wir (“We”), he has not been too active. Since 2020, he started to release songs, which will be part of his debut album.


Samuel Rösch – Geschichten – Track by Track

The album contains twelve tracks, two of them being acoustic versions of songs, which are part of the album. The total duration is 36 minutes.

1. Das Größte

Samuel Rösch feels to convince from the very first minute of his album. His soulful voice is definitely very characteristic. Das Größte (“The Greatest”) thus turns to become a really promising start of the album.

2. Geschichten (feat. Fidi Steinbeck)

For the title track, Rösch is joined by Fidi Steinbeck, who was a German The Voice finalist in 2019. The song is a really nice and emotional duet. Great collaboration.

3. Leuchtsignal

Ich schieß ein Leuchtsignal in die Dunkelheit
Siehst du das Funkeln über uns?
Und die Hoffnung strahlt, reiß den Himmel auf
Will der sein der dir Mut gibt wenn du ihn brauchst

(“I am shooting a light signal into the darkness
Do you see the sparkles above us?
Hope is gleaming, open the sky
I want to be the one who gives you courage when you need it”)

An easy, but good-to-listen melody, a good rhythm, nice lyrics. Songs like Leuchtsignal are simple enough to stay in memory – but it is sufficiently far away from being slimy. Nice German pop.

4. Stille

Stille (“Silence”) is a bit slower. I have to say that I feel this is the first weaker song. It just does not lead to sufficient atmosphere to be a really good pop ballad. His voice feels quite thin in the fourth song as well.

5. Ein Teil, der bleibt

Ein Teil, der bleibt has a lot of Stille / Silence, in fact. Where is the powerful voice of the first tracks? I just expect more of a talent show winner, especially if it is one focusing on the vocal strengths. The last minute of the song is a bit more enchanting.

6. Mit dir

The set of three songs which have not been released before the album closes with Mit Dir (“With You”). There is more spirit, more power in this song than in the two ones before, indeed. Still, to me, it cannot connect to the strong compositions at the very beginning of Geschichten

7. Zwei Welten

Glad to come to Zwei Welten (“Two Worlds”) now – the single release is just that bit better, the song is just that bit more catchy.

8. Lebensfeuer

The Lebensfeuer (“Life Fire”, hard to translate) comes very pop-ish. The electronic sample give a touch of dancefloor feeling.I really like that song, which comes with a nice groove as well.

9. Geschenk

While listening to Geschenk (“present”), I am just asking myself, why Samuel Rösch is hiding this powerful voice from the listener in about half of the song. It feels that some songs are performed by another artist. So said,. if you listen to tunes like this one.

10. Lebenswerk

The last original track on the album. A song which plays with very different feelings during the song. I like it. There is a touch of schlager in this one, though.

11. Das Größte (acoustic)

As stated above, the album closes with two acoustic versions. The first one is the album opener. The original recording feels much better to me, even though this acoustic one has a nice personal, intimate touch.

12. Geschichten (acoustic)

I was even more curious about the acoustic version of Geschichten, as the original recording of the title track is one of the best songs of the album. The duet is just more energetic. The ooh-ooh sounds lax and a bit of boring. Bad luck.


Samuel Rösch – Geschichten – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Samuel Rösch – Geschichten – My View

Listening to the Geschichten by Samuel Rösch is an up and down to me. Some of the stories are really good, you love to listen to the music, you are fascinated by his voice. Overall, you simply know why this guy won that talent show. You only struggle with why it took them so long to release that album. Unfortunately, there is the other part of the album. Geschichten would have been an really niceEP. But it simply goes for the longer runtime and thus turns out to be closer to average than necessary.


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