The Moon City Masters – The Famous Moon City Masters

The Moon City Masters - The Famous Moon City Masters



4.3/5 Pros

  • Nice 1970's style music blend
  • Very entertaining songs with good quality

Classic rock meets funk – that’s about the concept behind the Moon City Masters. On 4th November 2022, they are releasing their album The Famous Moon City Masters. I had a listen.



The Moon City Masters – About The Artists

The Moon City Masters are a duo from Brooklyn, New York City. The members are siblings, Talor and Jordan Steinberg. They released their debut EP, The Adventures of the Moon City Masters, in 2019. Since then, they released a couple of singles. Quite many of them can be found on The Famous Moon City Masters, which is their debut album.


The Moon City Masters – The Famous Moon City Masters – Track by Track

The twelve track album lasts 43 minutes.

1. Takin’ It Back

Not any new tune in the first half of the album – The Famous Moon City Masters opens with a total of seven former single releases in a row. The first track of the album thereby is Takin’ It Back, which is a nice representative of the sound of the band. A nice balance of rock tunes and that touch of touch of funk that adds a clear reference to the 1970’s to the album.

2. Spinning Wheels

Spinning Wheels is another wisely arranged song. The track has a nice pop-rock melody, the bass and guitar are in charge of the bonus groove. This leads to the really good listening experience of a solidly written song.

3. Draw The Line

The verses of Draw The Line are a bit slower, so that the bass grooves by Jordan Steinberg almost leak to a reggae-alike mood. The chorus, however, is quicker, but also feels a bit of ordinary to me. The change of speeds and the nice bridge (with a slight flavor of country music) still lead to something special.

4. No Warning

No Warning has a nice country and Americana touch. Another special feature of this fourth song is the gentle background choir, which just has a nice touch. Some decades ago, this song might have been released to become an all-time classic. Love it!

5. Send it On

Especially the guitar part and the vocal sound of Sent It On remind me of the days I regularly played Guitar Hero and Rock Band on video game systems. This song just feels to have been kissed by the spirit of More Than A Feeling by Boston – and I definitely love that track. Excellent work on the bass again.

6. Starstruck

No Thunder*, just Starstruck. The sixth song of The Famous Moon City Masters is a gentle ballad and thus does not compare at all with the AC/DC classic. If I would compare the song to a classic, it rather reminds me of tracks like Take It Easy by The Eagles. No matter which thoughts you have while listening to the song, I am sure you enjoy it.

7. I’ve Got a Feelin’

The authors of this song are nobody but John Lennon and Paul McCartney. More than fifty years after The Beatles released this song as part of the Let It Be album, the Steinberg Brother do it their way. The song is very rocking and has a typical 1970’s festival sound Enjoyable.

8. Over Now

Over Now makes me smile. Lyrics like Was it something I said or something I did
Did the words not come out right give a nice reference to music classic. And while I still love to listen to Every Rose Has Its Thorn on any Rock of Ages musical performance, this duo is simply asking Is It Over Now? As long as there are tracks like this, this style of music is definitely not over. Impressive speed and fun listen, by the way.

9. Real Thing

The ninth song is the shortest on the album (less than three minutes), but it is maybe also the most funky one. There are some pop sprinkles much rather than rock music influence. Nice one.

10. Trust Someone

The tenth song is a slower track, which feels to start the farewell section of the album. The song is based on a nice guitar-strumming melody, which could be (in the chorus) a close sibling of To Be With You by Mr. Big in the big family of songs.

11. Where You Wanna Run To

The album closes with Where You Wanna Run To, which is a nice listen. However, the song cannot add too much character and new aspects to the ten tracks before. Nonetheless, not a bad one at all.


The Moon City Masters – The Famous Moon City Masters – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


The Moon City Masters – The Famous Moon City Masters – My View

Listening to The Famous Moon City Masters has definitely been a very fun experience. There are some minor weak spots here and there, but overall, the album is very entertaining and a lovely blend of nostalgic music elements. You will think of quite a lot of songs which are in your heart for decades – maybe these New York City brothers add a few more to them with this release.


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