Songs Of The Week (week of 01 April 2022)

Not really sure why the release calendars are so seasonal (apart from major holidays like Christmas) – but I generally did not run in that many songs which I really liked – regardless if they are candidates for this Songs Of The Week series or for my country playlists.  Nonetheless, there are some really nice ones this time again.


Alexander Eder – 7 Stunden

The Austrian Eder is leading my list as of 1st April 2022. I just love his characteristic voice. The more, I was happy to see a little country music signature in this track. Great one.


Mansfeld – I wish I was a DJ

Mansfels (or: Dennis Mansfeld as full name) had a truly international life so far: born in Hamburg, raised in Mallorca, later living in London and Los Angeles. He is now back in Hamburg – this song does have a nice beat, which makes you move – even though I feel some Americana vibes as well.


Natalia Klitschko feat. Lisa Klitschko & Daniel Leon – Better Day

Natalia is the wife of Vitali Klitschko, former world-famous boxer and currently major of Kyiv, Ukraine. The song is a prayer for peace, song together with her daughter Lisa and Daniel Leon from Hamburg.


Surf Curse – Sugar

This band is named Surf Curse – and they do surf rock. The US band from Reno, Nevada, released Sugar this week – and I really liked it. Nice, a bit of different style of music.


Mick Jagger – Strange Game

I am sure I don’t need to introduce this artist to you. Strange Game is the title track to the Apple TV new series Slow Horses. Great voice, great vibes.


Bear’s Den – Blue Hours

Folk rock from London: Bear’s Den new single is a very melodic song with a bit of a dreaming character. Nice song.


Dean Lewis – Hurtless

Great, emotional track by the DanishAustralian artist. It may not connect to his seven time platinum Waves, but I feel it is simply beautiful.


Kraftklub – Ein Song reicht

Kraftklub are doing a very reliable, straight sound with their signature mixture of rock and rap elements. Not too surprising that the Chemnitz band is huge in GermanyEin Song reicht (“One song is enough”) to proof their talent again.


April Art – Sky Is The Limit

Cool, hard rock music from Germany. I really enjoyed that powerful and energetic sound from Neu-Anspach North of Frankfurt. Easy selection to present these guys in my Songs of the Week.


Gryffin & OneRepublic – You Were Loved

Cool collaboration: San Francisco DJ Gryffin meets the Colorado rock band. The song feels so good for a dance – and still so much like a OneRepublic track. Thumbs up!


Gabry Ponte x Georgia Ku – The Finger

The Italian multi-platinum Gabry Ponte meets Great Britain’s Georgia Ku. The song is a collaborations of European dance music superstars. The result is a song which even I had to select straight into my new releases list.


Stu Larsen – Part Time Lover

No cover of Stevie Wonder’s classic, but a nice pop song with a folk touch. Larsen is an Australian singer-songwriter, but is typically rather living in Italy or Germany. One of my favorites this week.


Julia Engelmann – Bauchgefühl

Julia Engelmann is an amazing creative talent. Apart from her music (she had her debut album in 2017), she wrote seven books and steadily grows her fan base. Bauchgefühl will not disappoint her fans. A very gentle, lovely track.


Andrea Seidl & Michelle – Freundenfunken

Schlager from Austria: Andrea Seidl is a rising artist – Michelle is by the way Seidl’s daughter, no the very famous German singer and former Eurovision Song Contest participant. I like Freudenfunken‘s gentle, fragile sound.


Leelah Sky – Anything

There is a lot of great music from Austria this time. The leading track is Austrian – and Leelah Sky from Salzburg does the wonderful emotional finale. Such a beautiful ballad.


Title picture: Alexander Eder – 7 Stunden cover


Songs of The Week – The Playlist

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