Songs Of The Week (week of 29 July 2022)

Weird times: my list of candidates for my Songs of the Week this time was much longer, but a lot of release date information finally proofed to be wrong. I typically check that out when I compile this list, not when I check the candidates for it. This week, there is a lot of pop, some schlager and surprisingly few rock songs in it. The list is headed by a Swiss artist. Hope you like my selection of songs, which I took on a trip through Kansas and Missouri, far, far away.


Börni – I’m Alive

The Umlaut-Ö is already telling you: this artist is from a German speaking country. In fact, Börni is a Swiss artist, who released this beautiful track with a mix of pop sounds and Americana grooves this week. I listened to it, I loved it – thus, Switzerland is at the top of my list this week.


Craig David feat. Galantis – DNA

The second song is a rather mainstream pop track. British Craig Adams published DNA together with the Swedish producer duo Galantis. Nice listen for a long summer night party.


Julia Raich – Kopf durch die Wand

It’s just about half a year ago since I had a listen to the album Schlagerr(a)ich by Austrian schlager artist Julia Raich. This weekend, she released a new song. Nice schlager track with a good pop touch.


Silbermond – Auf Auf

Silbermond are typically rather known as a rocking band. Their new song Auf Auf (“Up Up” – or rather “Let’s Go”) sounds more like an electro-pop track than like one of their classics. Nonetheless a nice listen.


Sebastian Krenz – Older

Sebastian Krenz is the winner of the 2021 edition of The Voice of Germany. His summer pop song is just right for this time of the year.


Rene Miller – Out of Goodbyes

Interestingly, I only found an English Wikipedia article about Rene Miller, not a German one. He is a German artist from Filderstadt near Stuttgart. As a songwriter, he already worked with rather big names like Zoe Wees. His solo recordings are great as well, as you will agree to after listening to Out of Goodbyes.


Jackie Therrien – Wake

Great new song by Jackie Therrien, who I introduced you to in a Spotiight interview in September 2020. I really love this epic release, Wake.


Bret McKenzie – If You Wanna Go

New Zealand artist Bret McKenzie has become rather big in the entertainment industry as a comedian and music supervisor. He is also having an acting background. In fact he released two singles in one this weekend. I selected If You Wanna Go, a lovely song which definitely makes you look forward to his album Songs Without Jokes, which is about to be released later this year.


Final Stair – Headgames

There should at least be a bit of rock in any of my Songs of the Week postings. The Berlin alternative rock band band Final Stair definitely deserves this spot with their new song Headgames anyway.


Anti-Flag feat. Shane Told – Laugh. Cry. Smile. Die

(Ice Hockey) home sweet home: Anti-Flag are a punk rock band from Pittsburgh. I enjoy rocking with their new single until I make it back to a Penguins’ match, which will likely be in March 2023.


Flogging Molly – This Road of Mine

I have a couple songs in a row now which work with rather traditional setups, some even using brass. Flogging Molly, however, rather do Celtic Punk and thus nicely combine Irish folk and punk rock elements. Cool sound by the Irish-American band majorly located in Los Angeles.


RasgaRasga – All The Voices

This six people band RasgaRasga play up to sixteen instruments in their show. Some mixture of rock, pop, gypsy folk and many other influences. Very versatile song presented by the singer Franziska Schuster.


Voxxclub – Was geht hier ab

The five vocalist group voXXclub have been very successful during the last years. Songs like Was geht hier ab illustrate the reasons for that. Traditional folk, rock music, pop, brass – no matter which kind of music you finally like, you might spot something in their tracks which makes you enjoy their music. And there also feels to be some Smoke on the Water.


Die Draufgänger feat. Ikke Hüftgold – Rapunzel

Ikke Hüftgold is one of the most popular artist in the Mallorca style party schlager genre in Germany. Die Draufgänger are one of my most favorite brass-pop/rock bands. Thus, I just had to share this collaboration. Have the song with a beer – this is what they do when they party to this one on the Spanish island as well.


The Rehats – Living in my Head

The Rehats are a German band, who are about to release their third album very soon. I really loved listening to their song Living in my Head.


Philipp Leon – Wasteland

November 2014, The Voice of Germany, Dominik Oberwallner, Moritz Häußinger and Philipp Leon Altmeyer are singing together – and against each other – in a battle. Nowadays, we now Dominik as Nik Wallner – and Altmeyer, who made it up to the semifinals, is Philipp Leon. Here is his lovely new single.


Nessi ft. RGB1 – Bildschirmlicht

Hip hop and rap pop songs are typically not making it too easily into this selection. I just don’t like them too much. And, even worse, I am not an expert in them at all, hard for me to judge what is cool and what is not. Vice versa, if they make to this list, it must be really catching or good, Like this cooperation between Vanessa Schulz aka Nessi and RGB1.



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