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Hannah Ellis - That Girl



4.8/5 Pros

  • Very mature debut album
  • Great songs coming in a good plot

Is it really a debut album? I love the music by Hannah Ellis since several years and just could not believe that That Girl is her first long release. The album by the female country artist has been released on 12th January 2024. Here is my review.


Hannah Ellis – About The Artist

Hannah Ellis is a US-American artist, who is originally from Campbellsville in Kentucky. She turned professional in 2015, when she also competed in The Voice. She released one EP so far, a self-titled release in 2017. In 2018, she was part of the class of CMT Next Women in Country. Hannah Ellis is also rather active as a songwriter and background vocalist, not only in country music. She is married to the singer-songwriter Nick Wayne.


Hannah Ellis – That Girl – Track by Track

The thirteen songs album lasts 40 minutes.

1. Country Can

The album opens with two of her three “best sellers” of album singles. Country Can is a lovely track, praising the genre. Beautiful, gentle stanzas and a very energetic chorus. If you need a hint why Nashville loves her as a singer and artist – that’s the perfect tune you are looking for.

Country can, country canGet a cold one in my handMake these old boots wanna dance with somebodyMake my two lane, four wheels roll down a winding back roadNothing turns my radio to gold like country can

2. Us

You and me will always be us – whom would you believe than Hannah Ellis when she is singing that? Over eight million listeners did so on Spotify online. The song is a rhythmic country pop song. I personally prefer Country Can, but it definitely a good one.

3. That Girl

The first six songs of the That Girl album are single releases – and this one, the title track. That Girl is a very personal song. Hannah Ellis feels so close when you listen to her song. Beautiful.

4. Wine Country

Hannah Ellis released Wine Country in June 2023 – and the song felt like one of these great country music summer party songs immediately. Ain’t this track made for the festival stages? I am sure it will work out in the cold winter at the Country To Country in Berlin (see below) and all the major stages following in the summer season 2024 again.

5. Someone Else’s Heartbreak

Someone Else’s Heartbreak might be more suitable in regards of the season at album release. The beautiful ballad is a lovely listen if you need a slow, romantic, emotional song for some hugs. Rocking and cheeky like in other songs – or gentle with a bit of a plushy atmosphere like in here. the first songs of the album already illustrate why I feel that Hannah is still underrated.

6. Karma on the Rocks

This song has been released in October 2023. It feels a bit mousy after the massive set of songs opening the album. However, the song has a nice storytelling.

Tell me does it burn going down down down
Baby, look whose heart’s broken now now now
Got what you deserve and there ain’t no doubt
Guess what goes around comes around ’round ’round
Have another sip already had your shot
Nice to see you drinking karma on the rocks

7. Still

Just while writing the review, Hannah Ellis was on a live stream about the album release in the US, stating that Still has been the quickest write of the album. Sometimes, the quick things are the good ones, I love the emotional song.

8. Replaceable

Replaceable is a very groovy song, you just have to move to its vibe. Apart from that, I love the strong message behind. Ain’t she so right about it?

If your truck caught fire in the drive, baby, you could buy a new one
If you drink the last drop of your top-shelf, you could always find some, yeah
You can fix it if it’s breakable
You can switch it if it’s changeable
Yeah, everything’s replaceable but me

9. Somebody Else

Somebody else might buy me more flowers
Somebody else might give me more hours
Do all the things you don’t do
But somebody else ain’t you

What I really like about That Girl is that is a “real” album. It comes with a sensible order of songs, which somehow build up a story, one after another. After praising herself in Replaceable, Hannah is singing about love, her husband, the other most special in her love. Beautiful, gentle song.

10. Plans

The tenth song simply states We got plans – a song about couple goals, things you want to achieve, from a house in a city on a shoreline to to spend too much money on the cheap wine. Even if the plans have not all turned out to become reality, Hannah Ellis is strongly believing in them. Beautiful write.

11. Home and a Hometown

This song has been released in September 2021 – it just takes a while to compile all the tracks of an album nowadays. Even the typical praising home and hometown life topic feels special, especially in the context of the songs before. Nice.

12. One of These Days

One of These Days is the last song you haven’t listened to yet. The song is about enjoying yourself, enjoying life. A nice country-pop song.

13. Too Much & Not Enough

I’m so sure of myself
And so insecure
I wish I could care less a little bit more
It’s confusing as hell being constantly stuck
Between too much and not enough

Is there something like the most personal song on this rather personal album? Too Much & Not Enough feels so intimate again and thus reminds of the title track. The song is beautifully focusing on Hannah and her lyrics, the perfect way to close this album.


Hannah Ellis – That Girl – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Hannah Ellis – That Girl – My View

I have to say, I expected a lot from this album. Thus, the potential of somehow being disappointed by it was definitely high. Finally, I should simply have trusted in Hannah Ellis. She did great in That Girl – and released thirteen songs which underline that this is not a typical debut album. The album is mature, tells good and relatable, is never boring or too stereotypical. And finally, it comes with a very relatable plot. The first country music album highlight of the year to me.

Favorite Song: Replaceable


Hannah Ellis in Germany 2024

I am so flattered that Hannah is coming to Germany for three tour dates. She is playing at the C2C in Berlin, followed by two Sound of Nashville dates with Lakeview and Alexandra Kay.

Sa 03.03.2024 BerlinCountry To Counrty
Tu 05.03.2024 Cologne – Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld
We 06.03.2024 Munich – Backstage Club



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