Suki Waterhouse – I Can’t Let Go

Suki Waterhouse - I Can't Let Go



3.6/5 Pros

  • Beautiful voice
  • Nice atmosphere and very characteristic sound Cons

  • Too monotonous at the beginning of the album

It happens very rarely that I can use the same title picture for multiple postngs. The review of Suki Waterhouse’s I Can’t Let Go is one example: before I was able to review the album, the feature single Wild Side already lead the 8th April 2022 edition of my Songs of the Week. I was  really curious, how a full Suki Waterhouse would sound alike. Release date of her debut album is 6th May 2022.


Suki Waterhouse – About The Artist

Alice Suku Waterhouse is an English actress, model and singer. The 1.73m blonde was born on 5th January 1992 in London. At first her modeling career started. At the age of 19, she became a lingerie model for a British department store chain. In the mid-2010’s, she started to act as well and started to release accessories under the Pop & Suki brand. The same year, she released her first single, Brutally. The following release, Good Looking, is her most successful track so far. For example, it has been streamed almost ten million times on Spotify.


Suki Waterhouse – I Can’t Let Go – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 33 minutes.

1. Moves

Suki is creating a beautiful atmosphere with her voice and the poprock background. Fragile melody lines, which are here and there supported by electric guitar riffs. Promising opener.

2. Devil I Know

Back in hell at least I’m comfortable
Need your body when my fires cold
Hand to heart I’m gonna stay faithful
To the devil I know

Nicely written pop track with good lyrics and a nice rhythmic vibe. Again, Waterhouse is creating a dream-ish and angelic atmosphere, even though the slowly marching rhythm is also having a bit of a frightening touch.

3. Melrose Meltdown

The general sound of the album continues – Melrose Meltdown is even slower than the tracks before. However, especially the chorus is very catchy. Beautiful sound.

4. Put Me Through It

Even though the song tries to add some sounds to the album (I like the main theme, which a bit reminds me of Marimba tunes), I feel the first four songs are very close and similar. I am longing for some different flavor of Suki Waterhouse’s music. One of these “good as a single track, but not ideal in the context of listening to the album” experiences.

5. My Mind

My Mind is a bit more energetic than the songs before and thus gives me an enjoyable listen. The harmonic dream-pop concept stays, however. Towards of the end of the three minute track, the song turns out to be more melodic.

6. Bullshit On The Internet

The press kit explicitly suggests this song as a must-listen – and the title feels promising as well. Indeed, the song is one of my favorites on I Can’t Let Go.

If I read between the lines right you’re mine
It looks like you love her online
What do I expect?
Cos I get so low
Why do I even check..
I should know,
It’s all bullshit on the internet

7. Wild Side

Not too surprisingly, I love that song. Why else should it have lead my Songs of the Week recently? The guitar themes in the background even give a touch of a folk pop listening experience.

8. On Your Thumb

Overall, the songs in this part of the album are more present again. There is also a stronger support from the guitar side. On Your Thumb also has a very nice flow. Really like it.

9. Slip

Slip initially feels like if it was connecting to the songs in the middle of the album, the work at the drums and the decent piano lines, however, add some character. I like it.

10. Blessed

Blessed is closing the album. It contains piano sounds, but also electronic samples. The song thus feels like a track from outer space. Hope Suki Waterhouse is not leaving us already after one album.


Suki Waterhouse – I Can’t Let Go – Spotify

Here is Suki Waterhouse’s debut album on Spotify:


Suki Waterhouse – I Can’t Let Go – My View

I would wish that Suki Waterhouse and her team would have dared to have some more energy here and there at I Can’t Let Go. Especially at the beginning of the album, there is just this undeniable feeling of monotony. That’s a shame – as there are so many beautiful, fragile, intimate moments during these ten songs. I feel this lady has more potential – and hope for a second long-play. about Ice Hockey

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