Songs Of The Week (week of 10th November 2023)

I had a short trip to Hamburg this weekend, watching my last Nacht der Gitarren show (see my Reutlingen show report) and a befriended amateur musical company. Even though there are more and more Christmas releases, compilation albums and big names, I feel I found some nice mixture of new songs, which re cool tracks regardless of your musical taste. Hope you enjoy it.


COSBY – Loved For Who I Am

The pop / indie-pop band Cosby from Munich is more and more becoming a regular guest in my Songs of the Week. The characteristic voice of Marie Kobylka and the lovely songwriting just turn them into an easy choice. Lovely track with a touch of melancholy. I’m being loved for who i am – and for your music as well, I feel


Willow Parlo – My Father’s Eyes

Willow Parlo is another German indie band, based in Hamburg. It is their last feature single before they are up to release their new EP in early December 2023.


Adaline – Brave

Brave is the first single from Adaline’s upcoming EP Hymnal. The Canadian alt-pop singer-songwriter teased that appetizer this Friday – the longer release is expected end of March 2024.


Upsahl – Snowglobe

This Friday, Upsahl released two winter season-based songs, this one and Pick Up Where We Left Off. Lovely new set of tracks from the young US lady from Phoenix, Arizona – I preferred the Snowglobe one.


Mimi Webb – Back Home For Christmas

The second holiday song this week is by British pop artist Mimi Webb. I feel it is a nice Christmas pop song with typical elements of a song like that.


Schürzenjäger – Echte Freund

My this week’s Songs of the Week come with a block of German dialect songs. The first two songs are Southern German / Austrian songs, starting with the follow-up act of the Austrian traditional folk pop and rock legends. Echte Freund (“Real Friends”) is a typical song for that band, which nicely stays in your mind.


Marco Schober – So is s’Lem

You never heard of Marco Schober yet? No need to blame – this song (translating to “That’s life”) is in fact the debut single by the artist from Schönberg in Southern Germany.

Saxophon op Kölsch – Nur einmol

The band name translates to “Saxophone in Cologne-style German”. The artist behind this band name is Enrico Braun. Despite the name might suggest it, the song is not just an instrumental one at all. Really nice listen.


Andreas Dorau – Ich bin nicht ich

The next pre-listen towards the new album by Andreas Dorau. Yeah, I am not neutral and love his music – but I really love what the iconic artist is releasing currently. The song translates to something like “I am not myself”.


Myller – 501

Lukas Müller is Myller. He is from Gießen North of Frankfurt in Germany. In 2021, he released his first single, last year, he released his first EP. He is more and more growing his popularity and has also been featured by the media. Cool modern German pop song.


[ma:lin] – Golden Cage

The German artist released Heart on Fire in summer. This debut single stayed in the German Airplay Top 100 for six weeks. Golden Cage has a great potential to follow on on that and lead to another catching listen. I definitely like that Golden Cage.


Mando Diao – Get Down

The release of Boblikov’s Magical World, Mando Diao’s most recent album, is just some six months ago. Get Down kicks off the following release period for the Swedish rockers. The song definitely feels like a Mando Diao one.


arella – Scheiterhaufen

This time, I have rock and hard rock  songs rather at the end of my new releases again. The sound of arella is somewhere between pop, rock and punk. I love this one (which, by the way, translates to stake)


Psycho Village feat. The Fallen State – Take Me Back

Psycho Village is a band from Austria who do rock and hard rock songs. The very melancholic opening turns into a nice rock track with some grunge and alternative touch. Great listen.


Enter Shikari x AViVA – Strangers

This song is a truly global collaboration: the British band Enter Shikari collaborates with Australian singer AViVA. The song stays in your mind, nice modern sound.


The Gems – P.S.Y.C.H.O.

You remember Thundermother? The Gems is a Swedish rock trio featuring Thundermother’s former members Guernica Mancini, Emlee Johansson and Mona Demona Lindgren. The ladies kept their straight, full force sound. Love it.

Dust Bolt – Burning Pieces

The Southern German thrash metal band recently announced their fifth studio album. Sound & Fury will be released on 23rd February 2023. This week they heated up their fans with Burning Pieces.



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