Richie Necker – New Songs and Untold Stories

Richie Necker - New Songs and Untold Stories



4.2/5 Pros

  • Great range of rock songs with different Americana flavors
  • Very versatile album

Some cool music from Germany: the album New Songs And Untold Stories was soloely flagged as pop music in a promotion platform – but the more I had a listen to the album, the more I felt that I especially have to share it with the country music listeners of Release date of the album was 11th June 2021.


Richie Necker – About The Artist

Richie Necker is a German singer and guitarist, who grew up in Amberg, East of Nuremberg. He worked in several bands, including own owns like the German rock formation FAX or “Rock ‘n’ Rolls Royce & the Brass Brothers Connection”, which have both been founded in the 1980’s and both had some success. Starting to more and more als work as a touring and studio musician, he released his solo album Take Six in 1993. Later, he has been part in an Italian music formation, I Dolci Signori, which are still a very successful touring act. New Songs and Untold Stories is already Necker’s fifth solo release.


Richie Necker – New Songs and Untold Stories – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 48 minutes.

1. Butterfly Tattoo

Pop? With Butterfly Tattoo, the album is starting with a beautiful track, which starts with a strong country music and folk touch and then rather becomes a soft rock track with a strong melody. Beautiful recording!

2. New Song

Give Me A New Song – the second track of the album comes with a very different sound. Quite rich instrumentation at the beginning, this track is a lovely rocker with a touch of Southern style music. The brass backgrounds give a really cool touch. Great one!

3. In The Middle Of Nowhere

Third track, third character of song: I would describe the second single release as a groovy blues rock song. Again, the brass sounds add a very nice, classic music touch – and also strengthen the groove. Great listen so far.

4. Nothing I Could Do (feat. Eduard Gabler)

Richie Necker is now heading to the softer side. The key guitar sound at Nothing I Could Do is almost acoustic. The other instruments feel to back off a bit to give more room to the melancholic-sounding vocals by Richie Necker. Nice one.

5. He Was The King

He Was The King is a nice connection to the songs before. A bit of blues, a touch of soul, the nice usage of brass… Finally, the track is really catchy and recorded precisely. Nice song to just have in the background or to actively listen to.

6. As Long As We Are Together

As long as we’re together
Nothing can harm us
As long as we’re together
I don’t care

Sometimes, deep messages can be that easy – and As Long As We Are Together is one of these tracks which don’t need too much to be really good.

7. Song Of Mine

Song Of Mine is the epic highlight of the album. 6:55 minutes – the second longest song is about 2:30 minutes shorter. The song is a beautiful storytelling, majorly just concentrating on the voice of the artist and the acoustic guitar. Music as I love it.

8. In The Dawn By The River

The eighth track In The Dawn By The River has a bit of a pop-ish touch. Very rhythmic and a steady synth sound as one of the main backgrounds elements. The vocal part rather feels a bit of souly. Nice composition.

9. Every Little Grain Of Sand

This part of the album comes with a couple of rather traditional sounding albums. Every Grain Of Sand reminds me of classic folk style. Again, Richie Necker does a recording, which is focusing on the story.

10. To Rik

The last really new track on the album is again presenting another very different kind of song: To Rik is an instrumental song, which closes the album. The song here and there reminds me of Joe Kimo West slack guitar songs. Nice.

11. Lied Von Mir (Bonus Track)

Interesting way to finish the album and to do a bonus track: The eleventh song is Song Of Mine, the epic highlight of New Songs and Untold Stories. Same song, other language, as Necker is closing the album with seven minutes of German lyrics. Like it.


Richie Necker – New Songs and Untold Stories – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to New Songs and Untold Stories:


Richie Necker – New Songs and Untold Stories – My View

That’s really cool music “Made in Germany”. Richie Necker presents ten really interesting songs. They are all somewhere in the blues / folk / country / rock style, but the whole set of songs is really a nice range of sounds. Last, but not least, none of the tracks lack musical quality. A very interesting artist – and a good album.



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