Mary Keey – Digital Me

Mary Keey - Digital Me



4.3/5 Pros

  • Very unique style
  • Entertaining, versatile song

In preparation for the music reviews as of 10th June 2022, I ran into Digital Me by Mary Keey. Unfortunately, I did not have too many bio information about her (and some of it available in Italian only) – but I just enjoyed her special style of electronic pop-rock sounds. Even though she is active since at least a decade, Digital Me is her debut album.


Mary Keey – About The Artist

Mary Keey is a Swiss artist, who is originally born in Olten. Even though you find songs dated as of 2012 and a few EPs, Digital Me is her debut album. Her debut EP is 100 Lights, which has been released in 2013 already. Mary Keey is regularly releasing music since then.


Mary Keey – Digital Me – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 30 minutes.

1. New World (Intro)

New World is a one minute intro track. After a rather dark start, Mary Keey’s voice is turning the sound into into a synth-pop alike sound.

2. Digital me

Digital Me is a catching pop-rock track. Electronic melodies, guitar riffs and the very present voice of the artist lead to really witty title track, which is staying in your mind with its stomping rhythm and changing melody lines. Very well done.

3. I Need You More

One of the two singles featured so far, I Need You More, work with a stronger rock touch and also some increased settings for the distortion of the vocals. I never felt this way before – I feel that this one is indeed a good one.

4. Shout it out loud

Shout it out loud has a nice alternative rock touch. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in and shout it out loud – these lyrics are simply made for a great party at the next Mary Keey concerts.

5. Drop it

Drop it comes with the same rocking and marching style of some of the tracks before. However, especially the chorus is slower, more sedated. Thus, the song adds a very own flavor to this album.

6. Waiting the sun

This song is the longest one of the album and just exceeds a duration of four minutes. A slower track, which has a nice a ballad touch, especially in the verses. I enjoy Mary Keey’s voice much more when it is recorded without too many distortion, like it is the case in this song.

7. Get it done

The rather short (2:37 minutes) Get it done does a lovely mix between styles and genres. Sometimes, it feels like alternative rock, short episodes even remind of hip hop. Then, Mary Keey reveals her pop heart again. Overall, this track beautifully illustrates the signature sound of the Swiss artist.

8. It feels like home

To me, It feels like home feels a bit of weaker than most songs of the album. I cannot really tell a good reason, there is a nice groove and a good melody line – nonetheless, its sound just does not catch me too much.

9. Stand up

What you need from me? – that’s what Mary Keey is asking at the beginning of Stand up. The questions pops up here and there during the almost four minutes of playtime. In the meantime, there are powerful guitar chords and nice keyboard lines, which remind me of 1980’s pop. One of my favorite songs.

10. Your Love

Mary Keey closes with the very personal Your Love. A really nice selection to close the album with the rather melodic track, which again stays in your mind.


Mary Keey – Digital Me – Spotify

Here is Digital Me on Spotify:


Mary Keey – Digital Me – My View

Ten years of waiting… Why, Mary Keey? I haven’t been running into the music of this Swiss lady before – but her sound is great. She is creating a very characteristic atmosphere, which is a nice blend of several genres. Thumbs up – and a Top Pick! – for this one.


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