Fireside – Bin Juice

Fireside - Bin Juice



3.8/5 Pros

  • Nice range of songs
  • Very modern sound
  • Good, very targeted production Cons

  • Some parts are a bit of lengthy

The Wikipedia entry of the Swedish band Fireside states that they are not active any more. However, the rockers are giving a comeback and release the album Bin Juice on 28th October 2022. Here is my review.


Fireside – About The Artists

The first tunes of Fireside have been played in the early 1990’s. Their debut EP Softboy has been released in 1993, the album Fantastic Four in 1994. Their last album release so far was Get Shot in 2003. The key musicians of Fireside are Kristofer Astrom (vocals, guitars) and Pelle Gunnerfeldt (guitars). Two former band members wereFrans Johansson (bass, guitars) and Per Nordmark (drums, percussion), who I already met as a support act of Johnossi in Cologne. Unfortunately, I haven’t received full line-up information as part of the promo package.


Fireside – Bin Juice – Track by Track

The eight track album lasts 34 minutes.

1. Lex Tokyo

The Swedish band opens with Lex Tokyo, which is almost a five minute listen. The first two minutes, however, just present atmospheric, sometimes a bit of scary sound. Just when you think that this trip to Japan could turn out to be a very limited one, Fireside is indeed kicking off the album. Lex Tokyo has a nice indie-rock sound. Frans Johansson is very present on the bass – groovy beginning after a two minute warm-up.

2. Blinds & Shades

After the slow beginning of Lex TokyoBlinds & Shades does not give you the chance to smoothly get into the song. The guitars hammer the chords from the very first second and create a very modern, catching sound. The track does not feel boring or outdated at all, great work by the Swedish band.

3. The Burlyman

The third track creates a nice aura, under which guitar parts alter with vocal elements by Kristofer Astrom. The Burlyman rather feels like a 3:39 minute intro than like a full power track. But it does have a nice touch, indeed.

4. Jungle Knuckle

That’s a bad decision, it’s not worth to mention – already the first verses of the fourth song are bit of grunge-alike and have a bit of a punk touch. The rhythmic guitar is nicely driving the guitar, Per Nordmark is adding some force with the base drum and the drumsticks. One of my favorites.

5. Easy Andy

Again, Fireside just don’t sound like a band, which started to make their fans dance to the music some three decades ago. A very fresh and modern sound, which lead to a fluent and straight 3:34 minute listen.

6. Two Times With A Waterfall

The sixth track works with nice riffs, nice melodic work in the background and a very clear and relaxed vocal performance. The guitar theme is the key catch of this track, though.

7. Cocillana

Save the best for last? At least Fireside are saving the longest for last – track #7 and #8 easily exceed a duration of five minutes each. Again, it is just fun to listen to the work on the guitars. Cocillana has a bit of a dark and dirty style. The band is nicely developing the song and making use of the almost six minutes of rock music. Some parts, unfortunately, feel a bit too long.

8. Wild Mouth, More Trouble

The closing track is the one which is reminding me most strongly of the 1990’s music. I somehow feel that the band needed some time to free themselves and play music for their fans. One of the best recordings of Bin Juice.


Fireside – Bin Juice – Spotify

Here is Bin Juice on Spotify:


Fireside – Bin Juice – My View

The sound of Bin Juice just feels too modern to be true, somehow. Thus, the eight songs are a great statement and a fascinating listen, even if there are some sections of the 2022 Fireside long-play, which simply feel a bit too lengthy. If you liked the style of the Scandinavians, you definitely should have a listen – it will give you a great feeling, I am sure.


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