Carolyn Miller – Thank You EP

Carolyn Miller - Thank You



4.5/5 Pros

  • Three high quality songs
  • Fair short EP pricing
  • Great vocal performance Cons

  • Just three songs

I typically don’t like to review three song EPs. But in some cases, I am just too curious – or love the artist too much. Thus, when Carolyn Miller announced her new release Thank You, I just could not say no to these short notes. Release date has been on 30th December 2021 – due to the limited coverage between Christmas and New Year and all my Best of 2021 Postings (where Carolyn is also featured in my Favorite Songs of the Year 2021).


Carolyn Miller – About The Artist

Carolyn Miller is a Long Island, NY, based country artist, who also has a background in acting and working as a speaker. I featured her in a posting after the CMA Fest 2019 and in one of my interviews in June 2020. She is a great on-stage performer and released a couple of songs during 2021. The most remarkable to me was the ballad When I Say I Do Today. The wedding ballad made it to the seventh spot on my Song Ranking of 2021 mentioned above.


Carolyn Miller – Thank You – Track by Track

The three songs last nine minutes. Carolyn Miller has written the tracks rather at the beginning of her career, but never published them before.

1. Something Right (About a Wrong Turn)

Something Right (About a Wrong Turn) is a powerful opener to this three song release by Carolyn Miller. Quite a bunch of electric guitar chords in the background when the chorus is coming. Amazing to see that these songs are among the first ones the New York artist has written. Great one.

2. Thank You

The title track is right in the middle of the list of songs. A beautiful and very emotional musical love letter, which reminds me a bit of her When I Say I Do Today. Love the arrangement of the song – and Carolyn’s vocal performance is excellent anyway.

I just wanna say
Thank you, thank you for loving me
Cause you
Gave me, gave me
More than I’ve ever dreamed
You found me blind
And taught me how to see
Because of you
I’m who I wanna be.
So thank you, thank you
For loving me.


3. Remember Love

Remember Love is another rather energetic track, but has a bit more of a “girlish” touch to me. The chorus has a very nice melody, so that that the final song is also staying well in your mind after listening to it.


Carolyn Miller – Thank You – Track by Track

Here is the short EP on Spotify:


Carolyn Miller – Thank You – My View

Is that really the first EP or album review I ever did of Carolyn? Hard to imagine – but it feels to be the case. Miss to see this amazing artist on stage again – and these three songs proof the great vocal, but also songwriting qualities of the US female country artist. Yeah, you get three songs only, but therefor, the price (e.g. at Amazon Germany: 3.49 EUR for all three ones) is fair. I would love to have more than three songs of her – but at least this trio is a really good one.


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