Skinny Lister – A Matter of Life and Love

Skinny Lister - A Matter of Life and Love



4.4/5 Pros

  • Very entertaining album
  • Nice blending of folk, rock and punk elements
  • Good soundtrack for a couple of drinks

If you ran into a band which released the songs Damn The Amsterdam and Bavaria Area, what would you do? I hope that you are good people and reply with, you would definitely not dare a listen – but that may be wrong. The British band Skinny Lister made me smile from the very first time I listened to their 2021 album A Matter of Life and Love. Release date of this song collection, which is already their fifth long record, is 22nd October 2021.


Skinny Lister – About The Artists

Skinny Lister is a British folk-punk band, which has been founded in 2009 in Greenwich, London. They nowadays act as a sextet of Dan Heptinstall (vocals, guitar), Max Thomas (melodeon, mandolin), Lorna Thomas (vocals), Sam Mule Brace (guitar, concertina), Scott Milsom (bass) and drummer Thorn Mills. Heptinstall as well as Max and Lorna Thomas are founding members of the band. The band has released four EPs so far, mainly at the beginning of their career. A Matter of Life and Love is already the band’s fifth album release.


Skinny Lister – A Matter of Life and Love – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 36 minutes.

1. Shout It Out

Shout It Out, don’t keep it all in – that’s one of the first words Skinny Lister is shouting towards the listener. A song which shall interact with the consumer from the very first second – and it works out. This ancient touch folk music style with a humorous touch in the lyrics just makes you smile and enjoy to their music. Good one!

2. Tough Stuff Like Us

While listening to A Matter of Life and Love, I thought about one band a couple of times: Madness. British, a very signature sound of music, a fine sense of irony and humor in their tracks. Tough Stuff Like Us even has a slight touch of ska to me here and there. A slower track, which is therefore coming with deeper lyrics. Good.

3. Like It’s The First Time

In this song, Lorna Thomas is taking over a significant share of the lead vocals. The result is a happy folk-pop song, which makes me think of summer, dancing, enjoying yourself. Good song.

4. Damn The Amsterdam

I love these WTF-moments while listening to albums for the first time – at least if the song is giving me a smile. That’s exactly what Damn The Amsterdam achieved. I was not at all prepared that I will run into a shanty-alike sounding track with a hilarious story. God, damn the Amsterdam – but preserve Skinny Lister instead.

5. A Matter Of Life & Love

Ska, Madness… You know… The thought is back again. Which also means I enjoy the song. Because I looove Madness. Cool listen.

6. Embers

Long is the hour
Hard is the day
I dream of that safe and familiar place
Where warm is the welcome
The company good
Far from the battle, the blood and the mud.

Even though the song feels to come in a rather slow, melancholic sound, finally, it is about one thing: Forget all your trouble, there’s drinking to do. I highly recommend this one towards a long night with a couple of drinks.

7. Shoulder To Shoulder

To this party we’re all invited, our voices all stand there united – another song about drinking together, partying together, having fun together. Shoulder To Shoulder we’re one – do you really want to know what is happening during this song at a Skinny Lister concert? Cheers, guys! I don’t give free drinks, but at least a good rating for this song.

8. Bavaria Area

Okay, I am in the middle of a Skinny Lister party now. Or in the Bavaria Area? Good song with a lot of drive and party potential again. The catching rhythm just is this kind of “You just have to move to it” thing…

9. Bonny’s Eyes

Bonny’s Eyes has a rather classic folk music style: not too quick, acoustic guitar sounds, nice melody. Towards the end sounds like the accordion become a bit more present. Nice song and a good chance to relax a bit after the party song section.

10. Life At A Loose End

In Life At A Loose End, Skinny Lister proof that they are also pretty decent rock’n’rollers. A good, catchy melody creates a fine melody.

11. Breakfast At Heathrow

Okay, the title tells already that this is a song I need to have a deeper listen to. I don’t tell you too much about the song. Just that it is about alcohol, the fear of flying… and that I really had to smile brightly while listening to the song. Could they play this one in the British Airways First Class lounge the next time I am around, please?

12. History

With verses like We’ve been our own yesterday or ‘Cause we are our history //  Every minute I feel it inside of me, Skinny Lister is given me a deep smile at the end of the song. A bit of a sailor song style / shanty again. Good one!


Skinny Lister – A Matter of Life and Love – Spotify

Here is A Matter of Life and Love on Spotify:


Skinny Lister – A Matter of Life and Love – My View

Thanks and cheers for that one – A Matter of Life and Love is really a lot of fun. If you want to have a party and a laugh, just go for this album. I promise you a good time. To me, it is a true Top Pick!.


Skinny Lister – Headline Tour 2021

Apart from numerous tour dates in their home country, Skinny Lister will also play four shows in Germany in 2022:

We 01.06.2022 Cologne, Luxor
Th 02.06.2022 Munich, Strom
Fr 03.06.2022 Berlin, Hole44
Sa 04.06.2022 Hamburg, Knust



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