Alice Cooper – Road

Alice Cooper - Road



4.9/5 Pros

  • Very fluent listen
  • Classic Alice Cooper style
  • Great quality

Including his 1970’s band releases, Road is already the 29th studio album by rock legend Alice Cooper. However, this “solo” release is in fact an homage to his tour band, who has also been part of the recording of the album. Let’s rock with the US-American, who released the set of songs on 25th August 2023.

Alice Cooper – About The Artist

Vincent Damon Furnier, which is the civil name of Alice Cooper, is one of the most prominent musical sons of Detroit. He was born there on 4th February 1948. From 1969 until 1973, he released albums under the band name Alice Cooper, before he turned solo with the same name. You also find some more information about him in my review of his 28th album, Detroit Stories, released in February 2021. He has been nominated for the Grammy Awards five times, but never won. Since 2011, Alice Cooper is, alongside the original band, inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Alice Cooper – Road – Track by Track

The thirteen track album lasts 48 minutes.

1. I’m Alice

I’m Alice
I’m the master of madness, the sultan of surprise
I’m Alice
So don’t be afraid, just look into my eyes, oh yeah

So let me introduce you to a friend of mine – this opener is simply cool, coming with a very personal touch. A song which is just made to kick off a show and blast away the fans with this rocker. Or how Alice Cooper is stating in a  later chorus, I’m yours forever, but you’re mine tonight.

2. Welcome To The Show

My lips are red, my eyes are black
And I’m as scary as a heart attack

The rock powerhouse goes on. The first two song of the album will already guarantee that you won’t be too late for an Alice Cooper show in the near future – you just cannot miss this rock firework. The mastering even makes it feel a bit like a live recording. Alice Cooper also wants to praise and showcase his amazing band with this album. The instrumental part of the second song feels like a perfect first step to that.

3. All Over The World

The third song is about tour life and traveling globally – or how Alice Cooper states, You know it’s all about the show And we kill it wherever we go. The song is rock’n’roll at its best.

4. Dead Don’t Dance

The title of the fourth song sounds like a typical Alice Cooper one. Indeed, you can’t deny some darkness and a lot of shock rock in here. The song comes with a lot of power, but also a very present groove.

5. Go Away

The fifth song is about a very annoying stalker. Why won’t she understand, I’ll never be her man?. Hard to believe that this song will make the mind of the lady change – but at least she gave a reason for a very straight, guitar-driven rocker.

6. White Line Frankenstein

White Line Frankenstein has been the last single release before Alice Cooper in fact shared the album with his fan. Again, there are very personal, autobiographic elements in the song. The sound  is dark, stomping, rocking – the chorus is made for the big stages.

7. Big Boots

We made a dinner stop
At a burger shop
The waitress was a goddess
From the bottom to the top

Alice Cooper has a very own style to tell you love stories – and this one is one of the most hilarious one. Fancy, which is the name of the waitress, feels to be an amazing lady to the rock legend – especially because she got big boo_s… Guess the consonant… No, it is not a “B”, which, you might also guess because Cooper clearly states I was staring at her feet. Great one

8. Rules Of The Road

I won’t tell you too much, but this song is again about tour life. This time, it is simply about the Rules of the Road. Because finally

If you wanna be hot
If you wanna be cool
You only get one shot
You gotta follow the rules

The rules are a bit one-sided finally… But you will find out by yourself. The song is cool, it has a bit of a Tom Petty touch to me.

9. The Big Goodbye

If you rather like harder rock genres, you should definitely try this one. The ninth song is a great opportunity to bang your head. Could also be a great festival song.

10. Road Rats Forever

Alice Cooper dedicates these four minutes to the roadies. Very nice work on the guitar side. Overall, the song has a nice blues touch and works with choir elements on the vocal side. This leads to a very special listen. I am sure it will be a favorite to many listeners.

11. Baby Please Don’t Go

After all these rocking song, it is time to relax, enjoy some warmth and emotions. This is the role of Baby Please Don’t Go. Alice Cooper presents a lovely acoustic guitar ballad. Alice Cooper does not need to be loud to be good.

12. 100 More Miles

100 More Miles is another slow track. However, it is rather intense and dramatic and thus does not feel like a ballad. The song is about looking forward to be back home

And all that I need
Is just a little more speed
And I’m home

Maybe this is not noticeable song of the album – but 100 More Miles is a lovely one.

13. Magic Bus

For the very last song of Road, Alice Cooper is taking a Tho Who song and turns it into his very own vibe. There is even a drum solo in this one.


Alice Cooper – Road – Spotify

Here is Road on Spotify:


Alice Cooper – Road – My View

That’s Alice Cooper. The song got a bit of a 1970’s touch, but is definitely not outdated. There is practically no weak spot in here, the musical quality is high – the Detroit rock gentleman is delivering 13 songs of rock enjoyment. I love it!

Favorite Song: Welcome To The Show (hard choice, though…)


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