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The Cadillac Three - Tabasco and Sweet Tea




It’s been quite a short-term: just three days before the release of their fifth studio album Tabasco and Sweet Tea, The Cadillac Three announced the publication over social media. After their strong album Country Fuzz, which has been released in February, this is already the second long-play of the band in 2020. Here is a review of the surprising release of the Nashville-origin band – Tabasco and Sweet Tea will be digitally available at 23rd October 2020. There will be physical CD and vinyl availability on the band’s website as well (13th November / 11th December 2020).


The Cadillac Three – About The Artists

I already wrote quite a lot about the history of the Nashville trio in my Country Fuzz review. The origin of the band is a Southern rock band, American Bang, which was active from 2005 to 2011. Ben Brown was the fourth band member at that time – this means that Neil Mason, Jaren Johnson and Kelby Ray do Southern Rock and country music together since 2005. Tabasco and Sweet Tea is the fifth album by the trio overall.


The Cadillac Three – Tabasco and Sweet Tea – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 34 minutes.

1. Tabasco & Sweet Tea

If you going for this typically The Cadillac Three musical movement between country and Southern Rock, the first song on the CD will already some confuse you quite a lot: this is definitely a very different style than on Country Fuzz. The very special kind of love song (She is hotter like tabasco) has a touch of Southern Rock, but also feels very funky and has a nice groove. There are also parts, which almost have a touch of hip hop. Modern one, not too bad at all.

2. Stop That Girl

Melodically, Stop That Girl connects to Tabasco & Sweet Tea that it almost just feels like a sequel or second half of the same track. The style of the song just too strongly reminds my of Walk This Way by Run-D.M.C. feat. Aerosmith. Somethimes, I tend to have strange thoughts. Nice sound, still.

3. Head over Wheels

Have The Cadillac Three somehow run into Marty McFly and Doc Brown? This one feels like a 1970’s southern rock / country / funk fusion. Heaven for bass play lovers – nostalgic for the others.

4. Sweet Southern Spirit

The elements of the songs so far have been very similar. Nevertheless, Sweet Southern Spririt with his nice hook in the chorus and a sing-a-long-and-party touch feels to make you want to dance even more. Very laid back bass play, almost has a touch of ska. Definitely cool.

5. Road Soda

Road Soda starts very similar to the tracks before, but the chorus has a nice melodic touch, rather feels like 1980’s than the good, old funk era.

6. Bridges

We definitely are still quite a bit away from the 2020’s, but the album feels to be moving forward in time. As Road Soda, Bridges has a touch of 1980’s music.

7. Devil’s Lettuce

The guitars keep on playing funk and reggae grooves, but the vocals feel like hip hop. I am not at all a fan of spoken word music, but this trio does it in a very cool way. They make me move to rhythm – and I just cannot stop it.

8. Crispy

Song number eight – chances more and more decreases that this album is showing us another style. Why not? The boys just do it in a great way. Crispy has some nice melodic parts, which add a decent touch to the tracks.

9. Money Ain’t Shit

Money ain’t shit if you ain’t got love – the range of topics compared to Country Fuzz, which has been quite concentrated of alcoholic-supported lifestyle, also feels quite different to the previous. Tabasco and Sweet Tea is just what The Cadillac Three think about money – it ain’t….

10. Turn the Radio On

Teh ryhthm of this is comparably fast – It’s a long dirt road to drive if you don’t turn the radio on and DJ play my bucket song already show what this very present song is all about. One of my favorites on the album, also due to the very present chorus.

11. Sabbath on Cornbread

You ain’t never say nothing like The Cadillac Three – is there any lyric which describes this album album better? This self-confidential statement at the end of the album underlines that the boys enjoyed us to introduce us to a new The Cadillac Three style. Biograhic track, very cool finish.


The Cadillac Three – Tabasco and Sweet Tea – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to Tabasco and Sweet Tea:


The Cadillac Three – Tabasco and Sweet Tea – My View

I want to see that one live on stage, for sure! Maybe the songs are bit too close to each other – especially the first two songs are very similar – but I guess these tracks will give the future The Cadillac Three shows and amazing new touch. Partially, I feel, it would have been better to condense the album to a prolonged EP of eight tracks – but Tabasco and Sweet Tea is just too cool to become monotonous. Surprising due to its late notice release date, surprising style – but this southern funk rock-whatever style just suits to these Nashville widely-ranged talent combo. Give it a chance – an enjoy!



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