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Kacey Musgraves - Deeper Well



4.8/5 Pros

  • Wide range of songs
  • Very intimate, relatable stories and tracks

Spacey Kacey is back! After the European fans are delighted to have the US-American artist back on their home stages (see below or in my tour date overview), she is sharing a new album. Deeper Well has been released on 15th March 2024. It is the second Kacey Musgraves album I review, after her 2021 Star-Crossed. Here are my thoughts.


Kacey Musgraves – About The Artist

Kacey Lee Musgraves is a Texas-born country music artist. She is already active since 1999, when she was eleven years old. She self-produced four albums between 2000 and 2007, before Mercury Nashville contracted her. This lead to her first professionally produced album, Same Trailer Different Park, in 2013. The album was a huge success in the United States, but also charted well in the United Kingdom and Canada, for example. Excluding her self-releases, Deeper Well is her sixth studio album. Some more bio can be found in my review of Star-Crossed. It is her most recent release and topped the US Country and US Folk charts as well as the British Country Charts.


Kacey Musgraves – Deeper Well – Track by Track

The fourteen song album lasts 42 minutes.

1. Cardinal

Are you bringing me a message from the other side?
Are you telling me I’m on somebody’s mind?
Don’t leave me behind

The album kicks off with the rhythmic Cardinal, which leaves a touch of melodic progressive rock. Kacey’s voice, however, turns it into a typical Musgraves song and also leaves the dreamy, gentle touch which is finally the signature element of her music. If you don’t like that, you will likely neither listen to Deeper Well nor visit her tour anyway.

2. Deeper Well

The title track is taking the second position of the album. It is one of only two songs which has been shared with the fans beforehand. With almost four minutes, it is also the longest track of the album. With many songs around three minutes, Deeper Well is a rather dynamic record, but it also feels that some thoughts and themes could deserve more depth. This song, however, feels like a full message – with flavors of folk and country music.

3. Too Good to be True

The second feature single, Too Good to be True, is following right after the title song. The song is rather heading towards a county-pop style coming with a present rhythm. I feel that this song is a nice track, but just does not leave an as strong mark as, for example, the first two ones.

4. Moving Out

Moving Out is as characteristic as a Kacey Musgraves country song can be. It is blending the typical dream-pop vibes with a country music core. The song also has a rather elaborate bridge. Kacey fans will listen to this one with a bright smile, I am sure.

5. Giver / Taker

‘Cause I would give you everything that you wanted
And I would never ask for any of it back
And if I could take only as much as I needed
I would take everything you have

The fifth song is one of the emotional highlights of the album. The breakup song comes with a very deep, melancholic style. Even though the vocals are in clear focus here, the strumming guitar and the banjo melodies stay in your mind as well.

6. Sway

Maybe one day, I’ll learn to sway is another very personal track, which still has a bit more ease due to the rhythmic background and the joyful guitar backing. The song creates a lot of atmosphere and is could thus be a lovely listen during her upcoming tour.

7. Dinner with Friends

Dinner with friends
In cities where none of us live
The face that somebody makes
When you give ’em a gift
Every once in a while
When I wake up early without trying
And catch a sunrise

After dealing with rather sad topics, the seventh track is focusing on more enjoyable things in live – meeting friends. Still, Kacey Musgraves sounds like Kacey Musgraves – you just wouldn’t expect a fancy, rhythmic dance-country-pop track in this album.

8. Heart of the Woods

Dinner with Friends moves over to the shortest song in the album. Heart of the Woods just lasts 2:16 minutes. However, the song is comparably present and thus does not feel like a mousy interlude. The strumming guitar leaves country music vibes, even though the song again rather touches folk music.

9. Jade Green

Rather fast guitar chords and a present rhythm form one of the most fun-to-listen songs of the album, Jade Green. Nonetheless, Kacey’s voice ineviatbly produces a slightly melancholic touch. Nonetheless, the song is a nice listen, also for listeners who are not that into her type of music.

10. The Architect

The Architect is a slower country music song, in which Kacey Musgraves shows a rather straight singer-songwriter style. Bad luck that Kacey is too big nowadays for playing in small clubs – this song could be a really cool one for an intimate concert atmosphere.

11. Lonely Millionaire

The eleventh song of the album opens with a darker melody and and a present rhythm. The song does have the dream-pop touch, but does also spread a lot of energy. Another song I would recommend for “Kacey Musgraves beginner level listeners”. Another reason for that are the lovely lyrics stating that being rich does not give you true happiness:

Who wants to be a lonely millionaire?
Coming home, ain’t no one there
That you can talk to in your king-size bed
Be careful what you wish for
I see it all the time
The money and the diamonds and the things that shine
Can’t buy you true happiness

12. Heaven Is

You can almost imagine a full arena, everyone calm and listening to Kacey on stage singing this song when you listen to Heaven Is. Some background effects, a guitar and – later – some strings is all what is needed in here to create a beautiful mood. Magical one.

13. Anime Eyes

Hardly any country or folk feeling in Anime Eyes – but this pop song is one of the best songs of the album. The song reminds me of Golden Hour and is a nice illustration that Kacey Musgraves sound is not as limited as critics sometimes state. The angry bridge is an element, which you might not have expected on Deeper Well.

14. Nothing to be Scared Of

I’ll come to you and drop my bags
And you’ll help me unpack them
You say I’m the only one
You want to give your love
There’s nothing to be scared of

The lovely ballad with one of the most beautiful lyrics of the album is closing Deeper Well. A perfect song for your romantic playlist – or simply falling in love with Kacey’s music.


Kacey Musgraves – Deeper Well – Spotify

Here is Kacey Musgraves’ album on Spotify:


Kacey Musgraves – Deeper Well – My View

I am not a big fan of Kacey Musgraves. However, Deeper Well definitely underlines her amazing talent. Some messages on the album feel a bit too short to me. Nonetheless, the release features a nice range of songs with a very personal touch. The lyrics feel to inspire confidence to the artist the whole listen. On top of that, the album has a nice flow. Thus, I simply love it. Gtreat one!

Favorite Song: Jade Green


Kacey Musgraves – Deeper Well World Tour

As part of her world tour, Kacey is doing a couple of shows in Europe. There are also numerous dates in North America.

Su 28.04.2024 Dublin (Ireland) – 3Olympia Theatre
We 01.05.2024 Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Paradiso
Fr 03.05.2024 Brussels (Belgium) – Ancienne Belgique
Su 05.05.2024 Cologne (Germany) – Carlswerk Victoria
Mo 06.05.2024 Hamburg – Docks
Th 09.05.2024 Glasgow (United Kingdom) – O2 Academy
Sa 11.05.2024 Manchester – O2 Apollo
Mo 13.05.2024 Wolverhampton – The Civic at The Halls
Tu 14.05.2024 London – Roundhouse


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