Tennessee Jet – The Country

Tennessee Jet - The Country



4.6/5 Pros

  • Very different and contrasting songs
  • Catching compositions

Tennesse Jet is a quite amazing act in the country music scene. He is producing very rocking, powerful, but also very modern country song. On 4th September 2020, he released his third album, The Country.


Tennessee Jet – About The Artist

The civil name of Tennessee Jet is TJ McFarland. Out of his real name, the artist substituted the initials by Tennessee and Jet in line with the main character of the movie Giant once he moved from Oklahoma to Nashville. His debut single was Driftin’ in 2013. His first big song was What Kind of Man in 2015, which had over half a million Spotify streams. The song has been part of his self-titled debut album, which Tennessee Jet released in 2015. His second album Reata got quite good reviews, but the artist could not keep up with his former success. The more, TJ was back in the charts in 2018, when he published Waymore’s Blues alongside Cody Jinks in 2018.


Tennessee Jet – The Country – Track by Track

Ten ten track album lasts 39 minutes.

1. Stray Dogs

I like when an albums starts with a song, which catches you, which already makes you feel comfortable – especially if you are not too much into the music of an artist. Stray Dogs does a perfect job here. A nice guitar-driven country track, very classic sound. Feelgood song to me, for sure.

2. The Raven & The Dove

The Raven & The Dove is a very different song. The steel guitars are the dominating instrument of this significantly slower track. The song is not a feelgood one maybe, but song you will love to listen to.

3. Johnny

Johnny is a track for (electric) guitar lovers. It overall feels more like an alternative rock track than country music – but then, there are these country elements as well. I like rock, I like metal, I like country – so Johnny just feels like a great mix to me.

4. Pancho & Lefty

The album is changing so much between different sounds, different styles of country music, also very different instrumentations. Pancho & Lefty for example introduces a longer harmonica part.  There is a also a female voice part, Elizabeth Cook, who is joining on this song with a lot of other musicians, who support Tennessee Jet on The Country, Paul Cauthen and Cody Jinks.

5. Off To War

Off To War almost feels like a Bob Dylan song to me. Very intimate tunes in here – one of these tracks which make you calm down and simply listen. The interlude is violin and harmonica – lovely!

6. Hands On You

When I listened to the first tunes of Hands On You, I just had to smile. You are just coming from an intimate song like Off To War, you are calm and quiet – but already in the very first second, the electric guitars and drums wake you up. Careless treatment of your customers, Mr Jet – but if you do it as good as he does it on that album, there is simply no need to complain!

7. Someone To You

Someone To You is a very classic country sound – the track could easily be a 1970’s or 1980’s one. Very melodic – it may still feel too old-fashioned for some of you. I personally just enjoy the variety of sounds on this album.

8. The Country

Track #8, the title song. The song is more in this Bob Dylan style I mentioned before. The song is clearer, stronger, though. There are just some acoustic guitars in the background. This time I am prepared for some very different tunes in the ninth track – but I try to enjoy these lovely 4:23 minutes as long as possible.

9. She Talks To Angels

This time, the contrast is not too huge. A fiddle song, very rhythmic. I first thought of the Swedish country-pop song Cotton Eye Joe (by Rednex) a bit – but finally, it is too melodic, too much content for that comparison. You may still dare a sunset dance on She Talks To Angels while you listen to it. The finish of the song is a bit confusing to me, though.

10. Sparklin’ Burnin’ Fuse

This final song starts very slow and intimate. Even though there will be some more instruments over the curse of the song, it is finally a very personal, intimate finish of this ten song collection.


Tennessee Jet – The Country – Spotify

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Tennessee Jet – The Country – My View

Wow, that is lovely! The Country offers such a lovely variety of tracks – and I practically like them all. Great talent – and working together with the right people you give the right musical “flavor” to the tracks – just leads to a great product. Well done – and of course a Top Pick! – The Best in Media

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