Songs Of The Week (week of 12 August 2022)

Rock and harder rock styles have been a bit of under-represented in here the last weeks. The more I am happy that this 12th August 2022 edition of the Songs of the Week have a lot of nice stuff for guitar lovers – enjoy!


MONO INC. – Princess of the Night

I had a couple of tracks which would have deserved to lead the list and open the set of songs. The German dark rockers are teasing their new album with Princess Of The Night. We have to wait until early 2023 until we can listen to the full set of songs – this song will ease the waiting a bit.


Anti-Flag feat. Tim McIlrath & Brian Baker – The Fight Of Our Lives

The second time I am featuring the Pittsburgh – origin punk rock band in this section of Nice support: Tim McIlrath is typically singer for Rise Against, Brian Baker is a member of Bad Religion. Great sound!


Scorpions – Hammersmith

Scorpions just as the German hard rock legends should sound alike – is there anything I need to add about Hammersmith? Loved it!


The New Roses – The Usual Suspects

The New Roses do US-style rock / hard rock, but in fact Timmy Rough and his bandmates are German artists. The band is about to release a new album on 21st October 2022. This single release feels promising.

Mellor – Gargoyle Groove

Cool sound from Great Britain: the punk rock band Mellor shares their new single Gargoyle Groove. I received it from a promoter and put it right on the list of new non-country songs.


Monster Truck – Fuzz Mountain

Going back to the other side of the Atlantic: Monster Truck are a rock band from Hamilton, not too far away from Toronto, in CanadaFuzz Mountain is a cool track with an easy-to-remember chorus melody. Nice one!


Big S – Fireflies

Country or rock? There are two song this time, which are somewhere on the edge between the genres. This time, they make it into my non-country section. Great sound from Munich.


Electric Enemy – Give Me The Words

Alternative rock from London, United Kingdom. The singer and songwriter Jim states in the press kit that the lyrics have been completed since years – but it took him so long to find the right melody. I feel that the search has been an absolute success.


Richard Marx – One Day Longer

I loved Richard Marx’s 2020 album Limitless. The Chicago artist proofs that he is much more than Right Here Waiting again. I am looking forward to his following album, which will still be released in 2022.


Tochter – Willkommen im Club

Tochter is a German pop duo. Elise and Nklas are from Berlin and Munich and nowadays based in Berlin. Great German pop, which does not feel kitschy or boring at all.


Fidi Steinbeck – Leicht

Summer vibes by Fidi Steinbeck: Leicht (“light” or “easy”) released a beautiful new song this week. The Hamburg artist will tour with Mark Foster now – great chance to promote this track.


Pat Burgener – Mexico

Pat Burgener is a Swiss artist. Mexico is a nice track with summer feelings and folk music touch. Lovely musical voyage.


Tones And I – Charlie

This song from Australia simply made me smile. Great groove – and the song feels very nostalgic on the one hand, but modern on the other. Cool video – enjoy the listen / watch!


NOTD & Kiiara – What’s With The Roses

The roots of this track are in Sweden. For the very modern mainstream track What’s With Roses, the producers work together with US singer Kiiara. Nice one.


Joshua Bassett – Smoke Slow

2000-born Californian Joshua Bassett has become popular as Ricky Bowen in High School Musical (the TV series). His new release is a beautiful folk-pop song. Love to listen to him.


Mala Frank – N Bisschen Mehr

Mala Frank’s song has already been released on Monday last week. Very intense listen – and thus a great way to close this week’s list of songs.




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