Brett James – I am Now EP

Brett James - I am Now



4.7/5 Pros

  • Five great songs, 18 minute play time
  • Very good songwriting
  • Wide range of songs / genres

Reading the list of songs written by Brett James is like a Who is Who of the country music business. While James is massive as a songwriter in the genre, his album appearances with own songs are rather rare. On 27th March 2020, he released the EP I am Now, which is the first own publication since 2003. Interesting stuff for a review, definitely.

Brett James – About The Artist

Brett James Cornelius was born on 5th June 1958 in Columbia, Missouri. Apart from being an artist, he is also a songwriter and producer. He has a Bachelor of Science of Baylor University (Waco, Texas), where he was part of a Fraternity. In the mid 1990’s, he had a record deal at Career Records. Thus, his so-far only album is a self-titled one released in 1995. This album also had three lower US Country Charts entries in the Singles charts. Thereby, the debut Female Bonding was the highest ranked one and made it up to the 60th spot. In 2002 and 2003, he released two more singles, of which Chasin’ Amy made it 34th in the country singles charts.

At that time, he was already very successful as a songwriter. Some examples are Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood or When the Sun Goes down by Kenny Chesney. However, you also find non-country recordings in his writings, for example Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore (Bon Jovi) or No Place by the Backstreet Boys. His social media states that Brett James so far wrote 24 #1 songs.


Brett James – I am Now – Track by Track

The EP contains five songs and lasts 18 minutes

1. I Am Now

The title track of the EP is a very melodic song, though James’ rough voice is giving a nice contrast to it. Lovely songwriting (as expected). After I listened to this song, I decided to introduce you to the whole EP.

2. Wait

Wait does not feel like country music at all. It is rather a Black Music track – a touch of soul and blues. James’ voice fits perfectly to it. Wow – the female background voices are a great addition, by the way.

3. Still On My Mind

Still On My Mind has a lot of country music touch again (and a got shot of rock music as well). It is another outstanding production – and likely my favorite album on the EP, just because I love the sound of the song most.

4. Lonely Ain’t So Lonely

After three rather powerful and intense tracks, Lovely Ain’t So Lonely is a gentle ballad. Close your eyes and enjoy. This voice is just amazing – and the songs are not worse at all.

5. True Believer

While James decided to have True Believer as a single taken from the EP, it is maybe my least favorite song – which in this compilation still means that it is really good. A wide range of background instruments give the right atmosphere to this great voice, this great storytelling.


Brett James – I am Now – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to the EP:


Brett James – I am Now – My View

Five songs, with a touch of blues, country, rock, great songs and an impressive voice – I am Now got all that in 18 minutes. It is an EP masterpiece, I just cannot find negative points about the EP and the five tracks. An absolute recommendation – Top Pick!


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