Songs Of The Week (week of 27 May 2022)

Due to illness, I unfortunately cannot provide you the full coverage on the music side of – and it is already rather certain that I won’t make it next week with the travel contents regularly as well. Hope that you nonetheless enjoy this new episode of my Songs of the Week.


Jesse Tellem – Heart Shaped Hole

Jesse Tellem is a US-German artist. Heart Shaped Hole is in fact his debut single. This feels promising – not only because I selected him as the feature song of these Songs of the Week.


Frank Turner & KT Tunstall – Little Life

A beautiful British collaboration between Frank Turner and Scottish singer KT Tunstall. I definitely enjoyed their folk-rock sound.


Tom Jenni – Mother

I am not a family person, but this song by the Swiss rock artist Tom Jenni definitely caught me. Hope you agree.


Rammstein – Dicke Titten (LaBrassBanda version)

That’s a track I just had to share with you. I don’t like Rammstein too much. but having their song in a version by the Bavarian party brass band LaBrassBanda (who are really awesome, if you have the chance to see them live) just had to be part of my song selection.


The Baseballs – Like A Virgin

Cover / alternative version, pt. 2: The Baseballs do rock’n’roll / rockabilly versions of famous tracks. Their latest single gives a nice new touch to Madonna’s classic.


Suede – She Still Leads Me On

She Still Leads Me On is the first single release by the London rock band’s album Autofiction. Definitely a promising song with a lot of power – look forward to September when the whole set of songs will be released.


Million Fellas – Don’t Let Me Down

Nice alternative rock from the very Northeast of Germany: Million Fellas are located close to Stralsund. Don’t Let Me Down is the first single feature of an upcoming album.


Fiasko – Bliev

Hometown rock music, hometown language: Fiasko are doing rock music in Cologne-German language. Bliev means “Stay”. A very catching one.


Blum – Bielefeld

Wenn das Leben dir Bielefeld schenkt, dann mach die Welt daraus – “If Life gives you Bielefeld, turn it into the world”. Even though Blum is in fact from the Southwest German Saarland region, he is singing about the city, which is in focus of several jokes. Nice indie-pop.


Alina – Selbstgemacht

A cheeky and energetic song by the Berlin singer-songwriter Alina. A nice blend of schlager, pop and rock.


Pale Blue Eyes – Globe

Cool indie pop from the U.K. – Globe is a nice teaser for the band’s debut album Souvenirs, which will be released in early September.


SERA – She Kissed Me First

The Dutch artist SERA became huge on TikTok and social media. Her debut Only Us has been streamed 7.5 million times. She Kissed Me FIrst is her third single release only. Nice listen.


Jonas Blue feat. Julian Perretta – Perfect Melody

Some light and happy pop from Great Britain – if you like to dance the long summer evenings, Perfect Melody could be a perfect melody.


Von Wegen Lisbeth – Auf Eis

Auf Eis by Von Wegen Lisbeth is a typical Berlin music scene song to me. Very independent style with a good storytelling. Just had to share this one with you.


Undine Lux – So heiß

Undine Lux is a German artist, who started her career as a tribute artist for Helene Fischer. So Heiß (“So Hot”) is much more mature, a schlager track with a nice pop texture.



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