Jonny Houlihan – Coffee and Jesus

Jonny Houlihan - Coffee and Jesus



4.7/5 Pros

  • Great stories
  • Good (rather basic) arrangements
  • Very versatile

Even though Jonny Houlihan and his songs rather frequently pop up in my country playlists, I had quite some trouble gathering bio information about him for this posting. His 2022 album Coffee and Jesus has been released on 1st July 2022. I was definitely curious about the listen.


Jonny Houlihan – About The Artist

Jonny Houlihan is a California-origin country music artist from Nevada County, the regional around Nevada City Northeast of Sacramento and West of Reno. He moved to Nashville in 2000. The first albums I found of him are dated as of the early 2010’s. His most popular songs on Spotify like Feels Like Home or Lean on in each exceed one million streams. His Facebook accounts a total of 17 released albums.


Jonny Houlihan – Coffee and Jesus – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 47 minutes. A very special fact about the album is that I could not spot any single releases before the album has been published on Spotify. At least the title track has been released before the album, though.

1. Country And Damn Proud

The album opens with this country party rockerCountry And Damn Proud. A very modern song with a good vibe and nice bass lines. Love it!

2. Reckless

Reckless is another really smooth listen. Again, Jonny Houlihan puts his story on top of a nice, fluent modern country music melody. Nice work on the electric guitar, especially in the bridge. Love you reckless – nice core message as well.

3. Crazy

The third song, Crazy, is one of my absolute favorites of the album. A beautiful ballad, the chorus is simply a blast. A great 4:12 minute listen.

4. Stronger Together

Again, the amazing chorus is the catch of this song. A song about working stronger together rather than looking for differences and fight each other. A song, which can be interpreted in line of many real life situations. Beautiful mid-tempo listen.

5. Never Look At Another Girl Again

The backing vocals and the rhythm of Never Look At Another Girl Again gives the song a bit of a country pop touch. Even though it is full of love and feelings, it does not feel that kitschy

6. Coffee And Jesus

That’s why I sit on my front porch
Every morning when I wake up
Taking some caffeine and a good book
Pray that it’s enough

The sixth song is the title track of the album. A song about starting the day relaxed, hoping to be protected from the bad things happening in the world. Lovely, picturesque lyrics.

7. Down In The Country

The seventh song is coming with quite a dark rock country sound. A bit of outlaw spirit when Houlihan is Down In The Country. Another kind of track which Houlihan is mastering in style.

8. God Knew

In fact, this song is about love stating that God knew that this couple was meant to be a good one – God knew, he knew, uh, I needed you. Nice country love track, even though it is not as catching as other tracks in here.

9. Tacos And Tequila

The ninth song is not only about Tacos And Tequila. The rhythm of the song also feels to take you to Mexico. This adds a nice touch to the Coffee And Jesus album and spreads some summer vibes while listening. Nice one.

10. It’s About Time

It’s About Time is one of the most intense messages of the album. Take time with your beloved ones – Jonny Houlihan is especially honoring his father in this song. Great one.

11. Join The Club

After this peak of emotional intense, Join The Club is an easier song, which also makes you move to its rhythm. Country party made my Houlihan – I appreciate it.

12. Simpler Times

Simpler Times is the slow closer of the album.

When will it all end?
When will the world just see love and not see black or white?
When will we finally find peace so we can all unite?
It’s been so hard to just get by
Everybody’s holding on through their life
I wish we all could could go back
Just go back to simpler times

Ain’t that a beautiful finish?


Jonny Houlihan – Coffee and Jesus – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Jonny Houlihan – Coffee and Jesus – Track by Track

Wow. I liked Coffee and Jesus at first listen – but the more I got into it, the more I admired the work by Jonny Houlihan in this album. From very emotional love songs to great social messages, this release comes with a lot of really good listens and deep writes. Absolutely admire it. A real hidden gem in the list country music releases. Country Music Top Picks! Reviews in 2022

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