John Diva & The Rockets Of Love – American Amadeus

John Diva & The Rockets of Love - American Amadeus



4.6/5 Pros

  • 1980's Hard Rock in the 2020's
  • Straight music made to party
  • Rock'n'Roll Cons

  • Don't expect too deep lyrics in here!

Hair Metal – the fusion of pop and metal is a genre for some quite strange – but successful – acts. Steel Panther sell out there shows by making their audience bang there head, dance and smile in parallel, John Diva & the Rockets of Love are aiming for the same kind of happiness – however, the reviews of their 2018 debut Mama Said Rock Is Dead felt to be better than the recent Panther ones – like Heavy Metal Rules, for example. The more I was looking forward if they could do a second great album with their 2021 album. American Amadeus was released on 15th January 2021.

John Diva & The Rockets of Love – About The Artists

There is just very limited bio about the band, who feel to be very good in hiding away their private life from media. The lead of the band is obviously vocalist John Diva, who is said to be from San Diego. Remmie Martin and Snake Rocket do the guitars, supported by J.J. Love on the bass. Lee Stingray is the person with the fast feet and hands on the drums. The band became known in 2013 and had a quite popular career. In fact, their debut album was the 2017 Live at Wacken – not too bad to make this within four years. They already had three appearances there.

In November 2018, they released Mama Said Rock Is Dead, which I named above. Their first single was Lolita, the second track of the album. The most popular song by Spotify streams so far was however Rocket of Love. The band already has a certain fan base overseas – the video of one of my Songs of my LifeDon’t Stop Believin’, has been recorded during some tour stops in Germany in 2017.


John Diva & The Rockets of Love – American Amadeus – Track by Track

The 15 song album lasts 57 minutes.

1. Voodoo, Sex And Vampires

Voodoo, Sex And Vampires – indeed, the title sounds like Rock’n’Roll. The song sounds like a 1980’s party, takes me to the time of big rock bands like Whitesnake, Def Leppard and many more. Speedy title, feels like a party.

2. American Amadeus

Not just due to the hilarious music video, the American Amadeus is really special. There is even a Mozart quote in the song – and do I feel right that the chorus has a touch of Falco’s famous Rock me Amadeus? The song is simply fun.

3. Soldier Of Love

Soldier of Love is a straight rocker with a catching chorus – just the type of song John Diva needs to produce: easy, catchy – and a potential blast when live on stage. I am sure the fans with enjoy it!

4. Bling Bling Marilyn

Bling Bling Marilyn
Girls Best Friend Is A Diamond Ring
Bling Bling Marilyn
She Digs For Gold
Bling Bling Marilyn
Makes Me Cry, Shes A Deadly Sin
Bling Bling Marilyn
Her Heart Is Sold

This ironic song about rock star luxury and jet-set lifestyle will definitely make you smile.

5. Champagne On Mars

Did you ever thought about whether there is Champagne On Mars? John Diva and his Rockets of Love seem to be quite sure about it – at least, they wrote this song. Again, it is a track made to be performed live on stage. Another one which is great for a rock party.

6. Weekend For A Lifetime

The lifestyle as described by the band definitely does not feel too bad: first we had the jet-set luxury at Bling Bling Marilyn, then some Champagne on Mars followed by Weekend for a Lifetime. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Even though the Lamborghini ran out of gas, as they stated in lyrics.

7. Karmageddon

While the previous tracks were rather party tracks and great sing-a-longs for the stage, Karmageddon almost feels like a ballad at its beginning. But don’t be too worried – the song is almost five minutes long and finishes with a powerful guitar solo.

8. Wasted (In Babylon)

We gonna have a good time – we’re having a party – that’s how Wasted (In Babylon) is starting. John Diva will not write songs about complex social-economic topics. They are the headbangers, the funmakers. The rhythm needs to be quick, the guitars loud and the melodies catchy. Ideally, there are some lyrics you can even shout after a couple of beer. Wasted (In Babylon) checkboxes all that.

9. Movin’ Back To Paradise

Is my Spotify player doing wrong? There are acoustic guitars. They almost spread a touch of folk and country. But finally, there is the chorus, which is just made to move… It’s just a bit slower than in (most) other songs of the album. Nice.

10. Drip Drip Baby

After Bling Bling Marilyn, another pre-released single of the American Amadeus album is Drip Drip Baby. If you do good party hard rock, you can name your songs like that, can’t you?

Drip Drip Baby, Let Me Drown In Your Honey
Drip Drip Sugar, Take The Trip Of Love
Drip Drip Baby, Can You Shake Off My Trouble?
Spoonful Of Your Spicy Dip, Baby Baby Drip

No more comment. I am sure that you feel I am still smiling while I write that.

11. This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll

This Is Rock’n’Roll is an amazing hard rock anthem. One of the best songs of the whole album to me.

12. 2 Hearts

At 2 Hearts, John Diva proof that hard rockers are simply the best ones in romantic music: a slow power ballad, which is pouring more sugar on the listener than Def Leppard could have ever imagined. Kitsch alert!

13. Star Of Rock (Bonus Track)

Star Of Rock is the first of three bonus tracks. A song, which is majorly rather slow, but uses some contrasts. Might be rather one for the pee break at the next John Diva concert – but beware: you will be still moving to the rhythm of this song.

14. Blonde Black Red Brunette (Bonus Track)

The girls are part of the bonus tracks as well. To me, this is one of the best songs of the album – another party smasher. Love it!

15. American Amadeus (Orchestral Bonus Track)

American Amadeus simply deserves an Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart alike version – and this is how John Diva & The Rocks of Love close their album. An instrumental orchestral version of the title track. A touch of Vienna at the end.


John Diva & The Rockets of Love – American Amadeus – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to American Amadeus:


John Diva & The Rockets of Love – American Amadeus – My View

Critics may say the lyrics are a bit too thin, having too many stereotypes. Maybe even the songs are (apart from few exceptions) following similar concepts. Others may argue that were are in the 2020’s and the era of 1980’s hard rock is over for a reason. All these thoughts might be right – but I don’t care a f*ck about it. American Amadeus is made to party – during the lockdowns everywhere in our kitchens and living rooms and soon again on stage, in the arenas, in Wacken and everywhere where rock is. It is a concept – and these guys do it in an amazing way. To me, it was an easy choice to go for the Top Pick! award here.


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