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When I introduced the Songs Of My Life category, I did not want to keep a certain order. The more, I felt that jump forth and back in time and change the genres, so that the category will also  a bit of surprising, but also entertaining for you. In the today’s edition of the Songs Of My Life, I don’t need to go back in time too much, as the single has originally been released in June 2018, so less than three years ago. The posting is a about a song and an artist, who is closely linked to my blog and the decision to go for country music in here as well. This Songs Of My Life posting is about Lost In The Middle by Catherine McGrath.


Lost In The Middle – The Story Of The Song

Catherine McGrath was born on 9th June 1997 in Rostrevor in Northern Ireland, very close to the imaginary border to the Republic of Ireland. Her parents are both musicians and still active performers. She learned to play the guitar from her grandmother. Her sister Mary is also having strong musical talent and already had gigs with Catherine. Warner Bros. has been attracted by her homemade videos of pop hits, so that Catherine moved to London and signed her. Her first two major publications have been two EPs, One (2016) and Starting From Now (2017).

Catherine’s popularity grew and she recorded more songs for her debut album Talk of This Townwhich has been released on 27th July 2018. The “Northern Irish Taylor Swift” had a great success with the record, topping the UK album charts and being in the Top 20 of the Irish and UK (all genre) album charts. In the Scottish charts, Talk Of This Town even went Top 10.


Lost In The Middle – The Song

Lost In The Middle was the last single before the album has been released. The song describes several situations in which Catherine is listening to country music – the first one is a train ride, for example.

And I, put my headphones on
Turn the real world off
And I, get lost in the middle of a country song

She is getting more and more into the story of the song.

And they’re singing ’bout the guy with the blue ripped jeans
And he’s standing right there in front of me

Catherine McGrath had vast success with the album. Her duet Don’t Let Me Forget with Hunter Hayes has been streamed on Spotify some 3.5 million times. Lost In The Middle is the third-most successful song on the amazing album with some 1.6 million streams – Wild is slightly more popular with some two million streams. In late 2018, Catherine released The Acoustics, which is majorly an acoustic album version of Talk Of This Town. Lost In The Middle is of course part this album as well. The acoustic version of Just In Case is her most popular song on Spotify so far, with 4.4 million streams so far – impressive figures.

After the “normal” and acoustic version of the album, McGrath did only release one more song so far, Grace in 2019.


Lost In The Middle – My Story Of The Song

I might have stated that story somewhere on this blog already – but the story how I ran into Catherine McGrath is really weird. You might know that I am an actuary (insurance mathematician) in professional life and majorly do process optimization and software project. In one of the projects of the company (reinsurance), we had an external software project manager called… Catherine McGrath. The two ladies have not too much in common apart from the name and that I highly appreciate both of them.

I googled Catherine (the software lady) and ran into Catherine (the country lady). As I had been in country music already at that time, I just felt that I have to see a gig of the young country lady. So I did during the 2018 C2C in London. Catherine has been the first artist for which I decided to give increased support with Talk Of This Town has been the first album I reviewed with the website at all.

One of the most touching songs to me

When I saw Catherine live for the first time in London, I absolutely loved her stage presence, the way she interacts with the people – and of course her musical talent in general. I feel the songs on her debut album are awesome – the 4.5 rating feels rather too low than too high. The way Lost In The Middle describes how music in general (and country especially) touches and drives your imagination is sheer lovely.

Even though my frequency of visiting Catherine McGrath concert is declining – I guess she is the artist I saw most frequently since 2018, excluding Lauren Jenkins – this song stays special to me. Music is such an important part in my life. I traveled with so many stories of songs of all genres. But listening to this song and the beautiful voice of Catherine McGrath is just extremely touching to me.


Lost In The Middle – Spotify and Lyrics

Here is the song on Spotify:

You can find the complete lyrics for example here.


Songs Of My Life Playlist

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Title picture: Talk Of This Town album cover / Lost in the Middle Single cover picture


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