Tag Glossary


Categorizing articles by tags gives you a very easy and comfortable way to navigate to the website’s postings which you are really interested in. Thus, I felt it is very useful to also have a Tag Glossary which gives you a central point to search for specific topics and get all articles related to it (you may of course also use the tag cloud on the lower right of the website).

Please note that I felt that postings with geographical region is that central that I assigned a designated page to it, Browse Articles by Regions & Countries. In order to easier browse in the music section, there is now also the overview of Featured Artists. – Overview of Tags

Apart from the regional split, these are the tags currently used in

Tag Name Description Link
Accor Hotels All articles about the French Hotel group and their locations Link
Airlines All about airlines and their on-board/off-board experience Link
Airport Hotels Hotels close to airports or with fast connection to those Link
Airports Airport experience Link
Amusement Parks Amusement Parks, Fairgrounds and similar places Link
Botanical Gardens Places where plants are the big stars Link
Business Class & More All about flying in First Class & Business Class Link
City Trips Review about a single city is in focus of that article Link
Concerts Music Concert Reviews and Experiences Link
Country Music All about Country Music Link
Eat & Drink Postings dealing with Food Link
Floorball Floorball – my favourite sports Link
Free Entry Attactions on the very budget side of life Link
Hard Rock & Metal All about harder rock melodies Link
Hilton Hotels Hilton and all their branches Link
Historic Museums Places, which turn back the time for you Link
Ice Hockey Articles related to the team sports on ice Link
Lounge Reviews Airport, Rail and other lounges of all kinds Link
Miles & Status Anything about earning loyality miles or points and spending them efficiently Link
Musical History Places dealing with the history of music Link
Olympic Games Anything dealing with Olympic Summer and Winter Games Link
Regions & Countries Travel Reviews focussing on wider areas like islands, countries, regions etc. Link
Rides on Rail Some travels are better on tracks than airborne Link
Shopping Places and Events where you spent your money Link
Soccer Any posting dealing with soccer Link
Sound of Nashville All about the Semmel Concerts Country Music Series Link
Special Flights Very short or long flights, special airplanes used etc. Link
Sports Museums Any museum or exhibition dealing with the world of sports Link
Technical Museums Cars, Trains, Aviation and more Link
Tennis Tennis Reports and Blog Entries Link
Top Pick! Trips or Attractions I absolutely recommend Link
Travel with Kids Travelling with Under 14’s? These may be very interesting Link
Views from above Ferris wheels, towers and more places giving you a great view Link
Zoos and More Zoos, Safari Parks and more – any attraction dealing with animals Link
With Gallery Postings which have more pictures either in the Travel Gallery or in the Sports Gallery Link