Green Labyrinth – Sequences

Green Labyrinth - Sequences



3.6/5 Pros

  • Nice prog metal blend with symphoniic metal touch
  • Long and overall fluent listen Cons

  • Some weaker songs

The metal band Green Labyrinth debuted with their 2014 album Shadow of the Past. Since then, it took them almost nine years to release their sophomore release. Here is my review of Sequences, which is due to be published on 23rd June 2023.


Green Labyrinth – About the Artists

Green Labyrinth is a symphonic and prog metal band from Aargau, Switzerland. They exist since 2008, but had some major changes in their lineup during their first years. Since 2016, the band is working in a rather constant setup, only vocalist Seraina Schöpfer has joined the band in 2019. The other band members are David Vollenweider (guitar), Tom Hiebaum (keys), Stephan Kaufmann (bass) and Mättu Dätwyler (drums).


Green Labyrinth – Sequences – Track by Track

The nine track album lasts 62 minutes.

1. Dreamland

The album with one of its epic works, Dreamland. Quite a lot of guitar strumming, but also some rather slow moments, which have a key focus on Seraina Schöpfer on the microphone. The sound of the Swiss is definitely versatile and entertaining. Some of the breaks are a bit too intense in my point of view. The dramatic finale is a cool listen, though.

2. Haunted

David Vollenweider needs to work quickly on his six string at the beginning of the song. Haunted starts with some intense work on the guitar – this machine gun fire alike theme is coming back in the song again and again. Overall, I really like the instrumental work on this one.

3. Limited

After two single releases, there is a block of six previously unreleased songs. All of them range between 6:42 and eight minutes. The “shortest” of these epics is Limited, who is opening the set. While the beginning of the song is quite melodic, the fast parts in the middle of the track are the heartbeat of this third song. Regarding the genre, I read different classificiations between symphonic and prog metal. This one has a lovely symphonic touch.

4. The Art Of Betrayal

The Art Of Betrayal is a very melodic, hymnic song. It catches me at the beginning and I love its theatric finale. The middle part does not keep the high level of suspense up, unfortunately.

5. Trapped Soul

Trapped Soul surprises with some growling parts on the vocal side. This leads to a darker feeling than in most other songs of the album. Even though the main theme stays in your mind very well, the song does not make it to the upper part of my list of favorites.

6. Brave The Storm

The sixth track comes with a lovely piano style opening. Especially as this leads to a majestic, intense touch, I was a bit of confused that the band is changing the style of the song so quickly and presents one of the fastest sections of the whole album. It takes a while to get into it – but then Brave The Storm has a a nice (stormy) touch.

7. Enemy

Hard to find the right words for this one: Enemy does not feel too bad at first. Howeve,r the more I listen to these eight minutes by Green Labyrinth, the less I really feel that this is a really good way to spend this time. The song does not hurt, but it also does not warm the metal heart.

8. Meaning Of Life

There are some similarities between Enemy and Meaning Of Life. Unfortunately, the most striking one is that the song is at most average. The acute parts even feel a bit too much.

9. The End

After some struggle, The End feels to lead to a pleasing finale. The chucker-out rather connects to the quality of the first songs. There are some dark flavors popping up here and there, but the “guitars are strumming and Seraina is singing” thing feels to have the highest potential for these guys.


Green Labyrinth – Sequences – Spotify

Here is Sequences on Spotify:


Green Labyrinth – Sequences – My View

Welcome back to the world of album releases, Green Labyrinth. You just cannot deny that Sequences has some ups and downs. The album is overall not too bad, though – prog and synth metal lovers will find some tunes right inside their comfort zone, indeed.


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