The Lunar Effect – Sounds of Green and Blue

The Lunar Effect - Sounds of Green and Blue



4.7/5 Pros

  • Great mixture of groovy and rocking sounds
  • Very versatle and catching songs
  • Great instrumental and vocal work

The Lunar Effect are a British rock band. Five years after their debut album, the band shares their sophomore release Sounds of Green and Blue. I had a listen to the album, which will be published on 12th April 2024.


The Lunar Effect – About The Artists

The Lunar Effect are a progressiver and stoner rock band from London. The band has been founded in 2016. In 2019, they released their only album so far, Calm Before The Storm, in 2019. It took five years until early 2024, when the band released two songs featured on Sunds of Green and Blue. The quartet consists of singer Josh Gosling, guitarist Jon Jefford, bassist Brett Halsey and drummer Dan Jefford.


The Lunar Effect – Sounds of Green and Blue – Track by Track

The nine track album lasts 40 minutes.

1. Ocean Queen

Bassist Brett Halsey opens the album with some groovy tunes, before singer Josh Gosling and drummer Dan Jefford widen the sound. Not too soon, later, there are also guitar riffs and the rocking sound is complete. The opener Ocean Queen thereby has a touch of Led Zeppelin. There are some distortion effects, so that the track feels rough and a bit of raunchy. A pure rock kick-off, indeed.

2. Flowers For Teeth

The single release Flowers For Teeth opens with similar ingredients, but is clearer and also a bit faster and straight-forward. This might also be due to rather short duration – with 2:42 minutes, the listening experience is as brief as it gets in Sounds of Green and Blue. This leads to an intense, but rather short energy.

3. Colour My World

The slow speed at the beginning of Colour My World has a melancholic, almost psychedelic touch. When the guitars join in with force, the ballad-esque touch is fading. Nonetheless, the five minute track has a very personal and emotional touch. The longer track duration also leaves space for a nice bridge with a lovely guitar parts.

4. In Grey

The ballad feeling increases while listening to In Grey. The song is very groovy and has a touch of blues. The lamenting style of Gosling’s vocals, especially in the chorus, lead to a very special touch.

5. Middle Of The End

This track gets in your focus from the very beginning. The key reason for that is the cool, groovy piano sound, which is kicking off Middle Of The End. Together with an amazing vocal performance, the song is defining the emotional climax of Sounds of Green and Blue.

6. Pulling Daisies

Pulling Daisies has been the very first single release of this album by the band. The song starts rather quiet, Individual chords and the voice of Gosling introduce you to the song for the first 80 second, before the band is suddenly pushing the rock thrust to the afterburner. The rock power combined with the immense groove define this sixth track of the album.

7. I Can’t Say

Don’t listen to I Can’t Say while driving a car. You might push the pedal too hard and end up in a speed track. The bluesy groove and the rocking energy as well as the ticking drums lead to another really cool sound. Swaying to the groove as well as headbanging to the riffs is definitely both welcome in here.

8. Fear Before The Fall

The piano (or here rather: the keyboard) is back and opens for Fear Before The Fall. The song is hymnic, personal, but does not lead to the touch of a (power ballad). Therefor, the song is simply too forceful. Nonetheless, The Lunar Effect recorded another really catching track.

9. On The Story Goes

Even though Fear Before The Fall already came with 5:38 minutes duration, the chucker-out is even slightly longer. The song feels very melancholic, just as the band is crying that there might be the next album in just five years again. Nonethelesss, Sounds of Green and Blue has a valuable and worth finale with this song, in which energetic riffs break out from time to time.


The Lunar Effect – Sounds of Green and Blue – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


The Lunar Effect – Sounds of Green and Blue – My View

I have to give in that I missed the band’s debut album. The more I feel ashamed about it when I listen to the nine tracks of Sounds of Green and Blue. The Lunar Effect show powerful, energetic riffs, as well as groovy and very emotional moments. The band recorded 40 minutes of lovely rock entertainment.

Favorite Song: Middle Of The End


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