A Day To Remember – You’re Welcome

A Day To Remember - You're Welcome



2.7/5 Pros

  • Some good songs Cons

  • Very chaotic style and order of songs
  • Some quite weak recordings

Some new tunes by A Day To Remember: the US rockers released You’re Welcome, their latest album, on 5th March 2021. I felt these guys are definitely worth a listen – and here is my review.


A Day To Remember – About The Artists

A Day To Remember (or short: ADTR) is a US-American rock band from Ocala, Florida. The band is active since 2003, when it has been found by guitarist Tom Denney and drummer Bobby Scruggs. Both are no longer active for ADTR. The current lineup is Jeremy McKinnon, Neil Westfall, Joshua Woodard, Alex Shelnutt and Kevin Skaff. Westfall, Woodard and McKinnon were part of the full initial lineup of the project already. You’e welcome is the seventh studio album of the band. While the first two ones did just have limited success, the 2009 Homesick sold half a million copies in the USA only. The most successful song of that album was the gold single All I Want. The 2010 album What Separates Me from You had similar commercial success. ADRS’s sixth album, Bad Vibrations, is dated as of September 2016. It has been Top 10 in the US, Australia, Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom.


A Day To Remember – You’re Welcome – Track by Track

The fourteen track album lasts 46 minutes.

1. Brick Wall

Brick Wall is powerful with a lot of altering tempo. Especially towards the end of the song, I feel they push a bit too much – I prefer to switch to the next one after some 2:50 minutes playtime. Strange opener – the finish would have made Brick Wall an ideal closing track.

2. Mindreader

You’re laughing like I’m supposed to know
What you’re thinking but I don’t
I know that this never comes easy
Not much that matters that won’t
You’re laughing like I’m supposed to know
What you’re thinking but I don’t
I know that this never comes easy
But I’ll never be your mindreader

The Mindreader is a track, which is (not just due to the finish of the previous song) more suitable for mainstream radio shows. The song almost feels like a pop track with added background guitar riffs. Easy listening.

3. Bloodsucker

Latin America? Spanish? The verses of Bloodsucker reminds of traditional sounds from these parts of the world rather than US rock music. The chorus is contrasting with sing-a-long rock bawling. The linking element is the clapping sound in the background. If you make it to the loo or the bar between two chorusses, you are not too wrong.

4. Last Chance to Dance (Bad Friend)

The Last Chance To Dance already after four out of fourteen tracks? Hopefully, the title of the song is not that true. If you like Metal Hardcore, this might even be your favorite song on the whole album. Energetic growling, powerful riffs – but also quite melodic elements.

5. F.Y.M.

Sorry if you feel offended by this kind of abusive language, but F.Y.M. on the fifth track simply means Fuck Your Money. The song is a quite melodic one, hardly any metal reference, rather a 2000’s alternative rock track. Again, the song has its sing-along elements – so there is a lot of potential for good fun and entertainment on ADTR’s next tour.

6. High Diving

Are we still on the same album? I initially thought I went into a Spotify bug when I listened to High Diving. Extremely pop-ish with a lot of summer vibes – not only in the melody

If I’d just take a minute
To look around
I’d see I reached my limit
I’m on the edge and scared of heights
I get it
It’s hard to practice what you preach
So when life is a beach
I’m high divin’

I definitely rather go with the Beach Boys.

7. Resentment

Resentment is not a bad track at all – especially the ADTR traditionalists will have this one in the upper section of their private ranking. Unfortunately, the powerful and quite classic ADTR sound feels a bit of confusing now, I am still mentally with a surfboard on an ocean beach and listen to Surfing USA. Hope I am back to ADTR music at the eighth song.

8. Looks Like Hell

The title Looks Like Hell at least reads as if there wouldn’t be a too big melodic difference to the Restatement. I know that I listen to A Day To Remember, but it feels like Green Day – or even rather like Linkin Park.

9. Viva La Mexico

There is a German schlager classic called Viva La Mexiko by Klaus & Klaus… After this travel through different rock genres, I am ready for any style of music. The fast beat before the chorus is one of the characteristic elements of the song. Another great song to interact with the audience when on stage. But also a track which is confusing me. What is the concept behind You’re Welcome?

10. Only Money

If you don’t want to shock your grandfather too much when he is asking how hard rock sounds like, just take Only Money. He will not get a heart attack. You are just lying a bit. To me, this one rather sounds like the Backstreet Boys then like the Ocala Rockers.

11. Degenerates

I try to find something good, something remarkable, something special in any song I review. That’s is somehow the good – or the bad about this “Track by Track” format. Unfortunately, there is just one good thing about listening to Degenerates: there must be a forward button somewhere. Or the mute one. Or just listen to Viva la Mexico by Klaus and Klaus. With its 3:02 minutes playtime, there are just 35 seconds ADTR you have to bear.

12. Permanent

After the messy DegeneratesPermanent is at least much more intuitive. It sounds a bit like Looks Like Hell, but also comes with metalcore elements.

13. Re-Entry

Does Re-Entry somehow suggest that I have to listen to Degenerates again? Did they sample the backing vocals in the chorus from Dario G’s Sunchyme? At least, the song has some good power, good listen.

14. Everything We Need

The final song is a quite catchy finisher which could be a nice one as an all-acoustic recording. A nice finisher, even though I still feel that after ADTR’s five year hiatus from the “New releases” in the record stores, Brick Wall would have been the braver choice.


A Day To Remember – You’re Welcome – Spotify

Here is You’re Welcome on Spotify:


A Day To Remember – You’re Welcome – My View

You’re Welcome definitely comes with some nice tracks. On the other hand, I struggle a lot with the 2021 album by A Day To Remember. It feels like a published and recorded self-discovery to me. It’s a huge variety of songs. Unfortunately, there is no common thing, no link between the songs. There are also some tracks which should have likely not made to the album at all. This feeling is even intensified by a strange order of songs – the album almost feels chaotic. Thus, it cannot be more than average.


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