Songs Of The Week (week of 03 March 2023)

After my most recent edition of my Songs of the Week majorly featured German artists and a lot of pop, my song selection as of 3rd March 2023 is rather rocking.  However, the list is again lead by a German act. Hope you enjoy my selection.


Powerwolf – No Prayer at Midnight

The lead of this week’s song list is taken by Powerwolf, the German power metal band from Saarbrücken. All of her four recent album releases made it to the German Charts’ Top 3, now they are working towards the album Interludium, which will be released right at Easter. The teaser feels promising.


Basement Saints – Buccaneer

The Basement Saints are truly rock’n’roll – and they are international. Drummer Molly is from Switzerland and thus the only national from their home country. His band mates are from South Africa and Austria. And they sing about pirates and more in here. The seven seas are a bit distant from Switzerland – but they still do it with a lot of rocking expertise.


Metallica – If Darkness Had a Son

I don’t need to say too much about these guys. Just about six weeks until the metal band from Los Angeles is releasing their new album 72 Seasons. Not only the hammering drums of this song feel like a lot of fun.


Smash Into Pieces – Six Feet Under

Smash into pieces is a rock band from Örebro in Sweden. Since thir 2013 debut album, the band has been very active. This weekend, they competed at the Melodifestivalen, which is also the Swedish qualification for the Eurovision Song Contest, with this song.


Dilla – Girls

When I started to listen to Girls, I expected something different. The song was categorized as a pop music track. However, Dilla from Berlin really rocks. Cool, fresh sound. I love this one.


Demi Lovato – Still Alive

Demi Lovato recorded Still Alive for the motion picture Scream VI. A very powerful performance by the non-binary artist from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. I really loved it.


Feine Sahne Fischfilet – Kiddies im Block

The band name of these German punk / ska-punk band from Mecklenburg Hither Pomerania translates to “Fine Cream Fish Filet”. The sound is Northern German, but rather crisp and straight than fine. The band is working towards their new album, which will be released on 12th May 2023.


Blake Rose – Don’t Stop The Car

After the rocking sound of the Northern German, this song by the Australian singer-songwriter Blake Rose feels gentle. Nice, melodic listen.


Flawes – Tears Won’t Show

The British pop band Flawes is also working towards a new album. I like the sound they are producing with Tears Won’t Show – very promising!


Old Mrs. Bates – Parka

Australia, United Kingdom… and now Old Mrs. Bates from Vienna, Austria. Don’t these guys have a cool sounds? I really loved to listen to this song. Very international style.


The No Ones – Phil Ochs is Dead

Phil Ochs died in 1976. The political singer-songwriter is still very present in the media – like in this song. The band is very interesting, by the way: while one part of The No Ones is located in Atlanta, Georgia, the other part is located in Norway. But, hey, it works out… and an album is released very soon as well.


FASO – Glücklich geht nur ohne Dich

This song is one of the most impressive ones of the week in my point of view. It translates to “Happy only works out without you”. FASO is an artist from the Sauerland region in Western Germany. Great vocals and impressive songwriting.


Christ – Hit The Streets

The artist name might feel a bit of confusing at first sight, but the sound of the artist from Southern Germany is really cool. A nice pop-rocker,


LITO feat. Heinrich – Better Days

Unfortunately, I don’t know too much about this artist. He has a Philippine mother and a German father and used to do music as FINN. Now he changed his alter ego. Better Days is a really nice, groovy pop track.


Max Lean & Mentum – Better Days

After I picked the leading track for my edition of the Songs of the Week, I always try to do a certain “storyline” of songs. This one was simple – both songs are pop tracks with the same title. The style of these Better Days is very different than the one of its predecessor, though. The German DJ Max Lean grew up in Brussels in Belgium and in Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance.


Nora & Chris – 7 Days a Week

Another really cool dance track 7 Days a Week has been produced by the German DJ couple Nora & Chris. Nice sound. This song is boom, boom, boom 🙂


Milky Chance – Living In A Haze

It has been such a pleasure to interview Milky Chance and visit their concert in Cologne recently. Now, the duo is back with a new track. Living In A Haze is made for dancing, indeed.


Ale Galata – Mirror

The press kit describes Ale Galata as a fusion of BTS and the Jonas Brothers. Does that attract you? I would likely even be rather scared – but Mirror is indeed a cool track. The artist is from… Regensburg from East Bavaria, Germany. I am sure you guessed that.


Alex Zind – Close To Me

Another song perfectly made to dance. German artist Alex Zins recorded Close To Me. The song is having a nice touch of dancefloor pop, but also has its funky qualities.


Joe Carpenter – Weil Du mich auffängst

Joe Carpenter is always moving somewhere between country music and schlager. This time, I feel he is rather doing schlager music. Nice track by the very interesting artist.


Juli – Gehen oder bleiben

Juli were at the top of the German music scene, gave us songs like Perfekte Welle and Geile Zeit. Luckily, the break-up turned into a hiatus and the band from Gießen North of Frankfurt. There will be a new album rather soon. Beautiful sound of lead singer Eva Briegel and her band mates.


LEA – Fuchs

This post features two acts from Kassel in Northern Hesse: after Milky Chance, there is also LEA. I have to say that I did not get into her songs too well in the past, but tracks like Fuchs (“Fox”) really make me feel more and more comfortable with her music.


Katie Melua – Quiet Moves

There was this one song you just have to think about when you hear the name Katie Melua. Nine Million Bicycles has been released 17 years ago and is still so present. Thereby, she is doing lovely tracks like this one nowadays. I love this sound by the Georgian-British artist.


Emma Steinbakken – Parents

The 19 year old Norwegian pop artist released another song. Parents comes with her amazing, characteristic gentle touch. I simply love it.


Stefan Zauner & Petra Manuela – Blumen säen

It’s simply the voice of Stefan Zauner, who is still creating magic: when I listen to him in his latest song, it still somehow just feels like Münchener Freiheit, the band he used to lead for so many year. He recorded this song with his wife, Petra Manuela.


Jimmy Allen – Miss You

No, I am not wrong about this placement (I typically don’t do country music in this category). Jimmy Allen is part of a group of country musicians, who honor the Rolling Stones’ 60th anniversary with the tribute album Stoned Cold Country. There is a Nashville heart in Allen’s version of Miss You, but overall the sound of this track is rather between Blues and soul.



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