Alphawezen – Source

Alphawezen - Source



3.3/5 Pros

  • Wide range of electronic music
  • Some good, catchy songs Cons

  • Too many weaker spots
  • Some tracks feel too long

Source is the fourth album by the German band Alphawezen. However, the most recent album release has happened fourteen years before the current one. You can listen to the new tunes of the band from 3rd November 2023 onward. I gave it a try before the release date – here is my deep dive into electronic music.


Alphawezen – About The Artists

Alphawezen is a German band, which is originally from Aachen at the GermanDutchBelgian border. The band consists of two members, Ernst Wawra and singer Asu Yalcindag. They are active since 1998 and originally focused on electronic music. Between 2001 and 2009, the duo released four albums, the last one being the double album Snow / Glow. Wawru and Yalcindag surprised in 2016, when they released the single My Funny Valentine.


Alphawezen – Source – Track by Track

The twelve track album lasts 49 minutes.

1. Decision

Decision opens the album in an epic way. The instrumental song lasts over five minutes and rather takes a decent approach with some interesting and unusual rhythmic elements.

2. Run

After that intro, Asu Yalcindag is having her first presence on the microphone. The song develops to a typical synth pop song. The singer shows a beautiful, very gentle performance.

3. Santuria

Santuria is a slower track. The bass sounds are the dominating ones. There are even sections in Turkish language (if I identify the language correctly)..They create a surprising and somehow entertaining element. However, the remaining song, feels to rely on these two parts a bit too much.

4. And You know

And You know starts with a creaky bass and a rather main melody. The song is rather on the ambient side of music. The development and the arc of suspense are rather decent.

5. The World as we knew it

While I struggled with the two songs before, The World as we knew it has a really nice touch in my point of view. Again, the song works with quite a lot of loops and repetitions, but you feel a thrill, a development, some dramatic plot.

6. Hold On

The singer of Alphawezen had a break dung the last two songs. However, Yalcindag  okays a major role in Hold On. Synthesizer and piano sounds develop the main theme. The longer the song lasts, the richer the melody is becoming – sometimes also with rather unexpected elements.

7. The Lake

Similar to the predecessing song, The Lake more and more develops the main theme and makes it stronger and more present. Again, the track is fully instrumental – I do like instrumental sounds, but I also appreciate the vocal songs.

8. Control Room

The Control Room indeed sounds like a space odyssey. The synth tunes have a lot of echo and reverb. Even though the elements the song is using are limited, it telling its story. I like that.

9. Easy

While the previous songs again formed a blocked, the rhythmic pop song Easy is even opening with sounds from the microphone. The song is also very versatile and plays with different kinds of samples.

10. Milk

The third last song Milk is one of two previously released songs.The song almost defined mainstream radio potential. One of the most beautiful listens of the whole album. .

11. Pray

Pray is one the songs of the album which almost drives me mad. The song varies just a tiy little bit over its runtime over over four minutes. It feels too long for me. I am longing for more than that. .

12. Good Bye

Source opens with the longest song and closes with the epic Good Bye. The song has a string-alike arrangement, which later even feels lvery dream-sih. Not the right song to empower me. Rather a song to relax, even to meditate.


Alphawezen – Source – Spotify

Here is Source on Spotify


Alphawezen – Source – My View

Source is indeed presenting a wide range of electronic music sounds. Unfortunately, some songs don’t create a really good catch. I personally prefer the ones with vocals. Still a nice listen for electronic music lovers.

Favorite Song: Control Room in Aachen

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