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It started on 27th July 2018 with Talk of This Town by Catherine McGrath. Last weekend, I reached another milestone: with Immortal by Michael Schenker Group, I published my 400th media review. In this posting, I am looking back to some special postings – especially the ten most read reviews. If you want to have an overview of the contents created so far, have a look at my complete list of media reviews. The number of views and all other information is as at 31st January 2021.


The Top 3 EP Reviews

When you look at the Top 10 below, you will see that there is no EP review in the list. This shows to me that albums are still important. I still wanted to give you the Top 3 in regards of EP reviews, with publishing date and number of views:


3. MARBL – The Flight Of The Hawks (5th May 2019, 1,304 views)

The EP has been in fact my first collaboration with the German label Greywood Records. Interesting music, not too strongly mainstream orientated.

MARBL – The Flight of the Hawks EP


2. Emma White – The Actress (24th Sep 2019, 1,331 views)

Emma White’s EP was close to the Top Pick! rating when I reviewed in in September 2019. You obviously enjoyed reading about the country music artist.

Emma White – The Actress EP


1. Celeste Kellogg – Keep It On Repeat (7th Feb 2020, 1,867 views)

A great EP, an interesting artist – and you feel to be interested in Celeste Kellogg as well. Keep It On Repeat is the most frequently accessed EP review on so far.

Celeste Kellogg – Keep It On Repeat EP


The Top 10 Media Reviews

Here are the ten albums, which have been viewed by you most so far, with the number of views and publishing date:


10. Paradise Lost – Obsidian (17th May 2020, 1,951 views)

Paradise Lost open the Top 10 of views, barely missing the 2,000 views since May 2020. A really good album, which I enjoyed listening to.

Paradise Lost – Obsidian

9. Doro – Forever Warriors // Forever United (20th Aug 2018, 1,955 views)

Doro is one of my favorite artists in the metal genre. Her strong double album Forever Warriors // Forever United passed Paradise lost and made it two the ninth spot. Does it profit from the fact that it is my second review ever? Likely – but it is also really good music.

Doro – Forever Warriors // Forever United (Album Review)

8. Lauren Jenkins – No Saint (5th Mar 2019, 2,116 views)

Is there any more lovely and friendly country artist than Lauren Jenkins? I just love her, she is a lovely friend and an amazing artist. was among the first media to review her album No Saint – a great debut!

Lauren Jenkins – No Saint (Album Review)


7. Catherine McGrath – Talk of This Town (27th Jul 2018, 2,144 views)

Here she goes – my first steps into European country music would definitely not be the same with the amazing Northern Irish Catherine McGrath. Bad luck that after the great Talk Of This Town new releases were really rare.

Catherine McGrath – Talk of This Town (Album Review)

6. Averlanche – Life’s Phenomenon (7th Nov 2020, 2,206 views)

Life’s Phenomenon is an average album by a small band with an interesting GermanFinnish history. However, the review is shown on the website of the band – that’s also a way to make it big.

Averlanche – Life’s Phenomenon


5. Charlotte Ave – Women of Country (23rd Oct 2020, 2,381 views)

The three ladies from Charlotte Avenue received a rather average rating from me with their Women of Country – that is not reflected by your interest in their music. Interesting project which – in my point of view – did not show their full potential in October 2020.

Charlotte Ave – Women of Country


4. Cassadee Pope – Stages (2nd Feb 2019, 2,407 views)

As I liked the idea of having her album Stages with commentary on her song, I in fact reviewed this Cassadee Pope album twice. The “original” album just missed the Top 3 of my reviews by views.

Cassadee Pope – Stages (Album Review)


3. Emma Bunton – My Happy Place (12th Apr 2019, 2,733 views)

I was quite amazed when Emma Bunton’s My Happy Place quite quickly made it to 2,000 views on I have always been a huge “Baby Spice” fan – even though the review of this album is rather average.

Emma Bunton – My Happy Place (Album Review)


2. Morgan Wallen – Dangerous (9th Jan 2021, 3,758 views)

Interestingly, the two most viewed reviews are both publications from recent times. Maybe, Morgan Wallen is going for the top soon – his review has been published just about three weeks.

Morgan Wallen – Dangerous – The Double Album


1. Kylie Minogue – Disco (6th Nov 2020, 4,630 views)

The pop and disco queen is the queen of reviews as well. A really good November 2020 new album lead to a really huge number of views – if Morgan Wallen will not keep up soon, it might take a while to kick her from the top of these rankings.

Kylie Minogue – Disco



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