Cygnotic – Mortal Dreamers

Cygnotic - Mortal Dreamers



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very fluent, entertaining listen
  • Nostalgic feelings

Electronic music is typically neither the genre I listen to personally nor the type of music which frequently represented in my review. However, when I checked out new releases as of 21st July 2023, I ran into the synthwave / synthtrance project Cygnotic and their album Mortal Dreamers. It felt interesting to me – and thus, I had to share it with you.


Cygnotic – About the Project

Cygnotic is the project of the German producer Markus Lindwurm. Cygnotic is releasing music since 2008, when Lindwurm releases the album Reflections from the Future. Two years later, the sophomore album Through the Gates of Nocturnal Sleep followed.  After that album, Cygnotic went on a nine year hiatus, coming back with the 2019 album Cygns.


Cygnotic – Mortal Dreamers – Track by Track

The seven track album lasts 52 minutes. Unfortunately, I had quite some issues to ebed YouTube videos. Skyfront and Realms of Gold have also been single releases.

1. Skyfront

The first song of the album is the 6:10 minute long Skyfront. It reminds me of early 1990’s video game soundtracks. The song is very fluent and is frequently offering new themes and elements. Thus, it is a very entertaining and enjoyable listen to me.

2. Memory Escape

Memory Escape starts very rhythmically, but later also has some slower and more gentle parts, which are rather close to lounge elements. The main topic could have been taken from a 1980’s pop song.

3. Mortal Dreamers

The title track is coming with a very present rhythm. The key melodic elements are rather high synth lines. The song has a nice plot, working on a steadily increasing atmosphere. Nice one.

4. Realms of Gold

Realms of Gold is one of two songs, which are almost nine minutes long. This also means that there is pretty much time to develop the song, change between different moods. The song still feels like one long song and not like a medley. Even though I struggle to identify a common story, a common theme.

5. Ten Forward

The fifth song feels to be very contrasting to it. Not only because Ten Forward is a bit shorter, but the song is very atmospheric and slowly moves from a breathtaking and stunning beginning to a travel to space. Ten Forward does tell a seven minute story – and that’s one of the key facts which turns the song into a really good one.

6. Perfect World

Perfect World just misses the nine minute barrier. The song partially even feels like a dance track. One of the most catching listens, even though I prefer the plot of atmosphere of Ten Forward overall.

7. Waverunner

The closing track again comes with the slightly naive style of 1980’s and 1990’s video games. I love that – listening to songs like Waverunner recalls a lot of childhood memories. Very nice listen.


Cygnotic – Mortal Dreamers – Spotify

Here are the Mortal Dreamers on Spotify:


Cygnotic – Mortal Dreamers – My View

You can actively listen to Mortal Dreamers – or simply take it as good background vibes. The songs are very fluent, long – but not boring. They lead to nostalgic feeling while listening. Thus, I feel that Markus Lindwurm compiled a really nice album.



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