Sarah Darling – You’re Still the One [The Campfire Sessions] EP

Sarah Darling - You're Still the One [The Campfire Sessions]



4.6/5 Pros

  • Cover Versions - but in a very unique interpretation
  • Intimate atmosphere
  • You just have to listen to this voice

Sarah Darling’s Campfire Sessions, which cover acoustic cover songs which are recorded like in that intimate atmosphere, gained quite some popularity over the last months. After a couple of singles have already been released under this series, Darling released a collection of songs, named after the title track You’re Still the One, on 8th May 2020.


Sarah Darling – About The Artist

Sarah Darling is the second-most tagged artist on and also one of the initial Featured Artists of my project, which – by that status – receive preferred and increased support. Thus, you will find quite some information on the Des Moines, Iowa, born artist with the outstanding voice on this website. The EP is the third one by Darling, seven years after two EPs released in 2013. Her last album is dated as of 7th June 2019 – Wonderland is an amazing masterpiece (which I later named to be one of my most significant mis-ratings, as I did not give it the Top Pick! status).


S. Darling – You’re Still The One – Track by Track

The five song EP lasts 17 minutes.

1. You’re Still the One

Angelic! Sarah Darling’s version of Shania Twain’s classic is just an awesome starter for this EP. Superb voice, a lovely, very simplistic arrangement, which leads to such an intense focus on the song itself. Wow! Heads off, Mrs Darling!

2. Bring On the Rain

Bring On the Rain is an original by Tim McGraw and Joe Dee Messina. Again, the song is ear-catching due to its superb vocal quality. A very nice new atmosphere

3. Leave The Pieces

Leave The Pieces  has originally been performed by The Wreckers in 2006. While the original has a lovely modern country sound and feels quite uptempo and powerful, Sarah Darling again reduces the song to the melody and the story behind it. This risky maneuver can easily lead to a wreckage – but there is no risk for Darling, who just does it great (again!).

4. Cowboy Take Me Away

This previous millennium Dixie Chicks cover is just another one which makes you calm down, mouth wide open and and enjoy being charmed by this lovely music.

5. I May Hate Myself in the morning (feat. Sam Outlaw)

Finally, Sarah Darling interprets a classic be Lee Ann Womack – and delivers another great interpretation. This duet, which she recorded with Sam Outlaw, is a bit snappier than the other songs on that EP – but still it has this amazing intimate and direct atmosphere. Not listening to Darling and Outlaw would just be an insult to them.


Sarah Darling – You’re Still The One – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to The Campfire Sessions EP:


Sarah Darling – You’re Still The One – My View

You need to be really good to present a cover album to me which I am really fond of. Sarah Darling is really good – he is even more than that. Five songs, which create a new and very unique atmosphere and feel to add value to the successful originals. Superb EP by Sarah Darling – if you like acoustic session, you just should go for this EP.


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