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4.2/5 Pros

  • Very entertaining listen
  • Great instrumental skills

Jazz meets funk – the concept of the self-titled album by the band Superläuche (which is hard to translate, roughly “Super Leeks”) felt too interesting to me. Already after a few moments of listening to the promotion, I felt that these guys deserve a presence on Here is my review of the 4th November 2022 release. The album will also be available as a vinyl.


Superläuche – About The Artists

Superläuche is the debut album by the instrumental music trio, which is based in Cologne, Germany. The band name is a creation by the son of Christoph Herder, who has also written all the songs. On the instrumental side, Herder is the bass player of Superläuche. After working on some song ideas at home, he jammed with drummer Gerald Lieberum and later added guitarist Lars Schurse, who is completing the trio. All three band members have quite a bright musical background, Herder and Schurse also wrote a couple of books about playing instruments.


Superläuche – Superläuche – Track by Track

The twelve track album lasts 43 minutes.

1. Läuche

The press kit of the album states that the opener is in line with the traditional style of the band The Meters. Definitely a nice blend of jazz-style song and a strong funk groove. Three instruments, three minutes – and a lot of joy to listen.

2. No Bogus

the second track is quicker, also more joyful. There are flavors of country music in this recording as well. The song is almost a minute longer, which helps developing a nicer profile.

3. Impfling

The titles of the album simply tend to have a touch of irony. This one translates to “Vacinee” and the press kit adds the comment “Please inject a dose of funk to it”. The key element of this track is the wah-wah guitar. The Impfling defines a nice melody, but overall, I enjoyed listening to the two tracks before more.

4. Landei (urbaner Mix)

Again, the Cologne trio is merging country music and funk elements to one track. I enjoy the listen, but I would love this combo to have a bit more power and energy.

5. Mutante

Many song titles somehow relate to the Covid-19 pandemic. This track is in fact named “Mutant”. The song is in fact the longest of the album. Five minutes with nice riffs and fills and a lot of funk touch.

6. Aerosolo

The song starts with the bass taking over some melodic duties as well. Later, there is a nice stadium-rock alike guitar solo. Really interesting one.

7. PCR vs. PZR

PCR or PZR, which is the German abbreviation for professional tooth cleaning. The vinyl listeners of this album just have turned the record for the second half of it. The song starts rather relaxed and slack – but then Lars Schurse feels to break free and gives a rocking guitar performance. A change in atmosphere which makes me smile.

8. Tröpfchen

I like the melodic structure and the different elements of this rather short three minute track. Again, the bass breaks out and delivers some own melodic ideas. This leads to a nice entertaining listen.

9. Symptom

The song comes with a lot of different elements. The beginning starts very soulful, before the bass is dominating and pulling back Symptom to the world of funk. Finally, the guitar just cannot deny its rock heart and presents a nice solo.

10. IKSM

The band invented the abbreviation in here, which shall translate to something like “Infection Chain Saw Massacre”. Sounds like a new Lordi song – but there is no Hard Rock Hallelujah in here. Instead, the band is developing a nice melody over four minutes. Thus, the title is more aggressive than the song itself.

11. Fleischfabrik

Dark blues sounds, reggae elements and many more. Fleischfabrik (which translates to “Meat Factory” and should warn you to treat animals properly) is as jazzy as this album gets. Very innovative, nice free play.

12. Landei (Heuballen Mix)

This alternative Landei version is regarded to be a bonus track. I love it. Compared to the first version on the album, it also comes with a stronger country music touch – but it is still nicely fitting into the Superläuche spheres.


Superläuche – Superläuche – Amazon Music

The album is not available on Spotify, but you can listen to it on Amazon Music


Superläuche – Superläuche – My View

This album is a lot of fun. Furthermore, Superläuche illustrate their great musical talent and skills. I really feel happy that I went for this experiment. Have a listen and dare to enjoy these songs as well.


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