Gun – Hombres

Gun - Hombres



4.2/5 Pros

  • Straight hard rock album
  • Very catching, easy sound

Gun is doing the harder rock tunes since the 1990’s. Hombres is the ninth studio album by the band. They shared it with their fans on 12th April 2022. I had a listen.


Gun – About The Artists

Gun is a Scottish hard rock and glam metal band. They have been founded in Glasgow in 1987, but had a hiatus from 1997 to 2008. The current band lineup features Dante Gizzi (lead vocals), Guiliano Jools Gizzi, Ruaraidh Roo MacFarlane (both guitar), Andy Carr (bass) and drummer Paul McManus. Especially the band’s third album Swagger was a major success. The 1994 release was a Top 5 in the British charts and also sold well in other markets like the Netherlands or Sweden. The key track was the leading single Word Up, which made it into the British Top 10.


Gun – Hombres – Track by Track

The thirteen tracks of the full album lasts 47 minutes. There is also a ten track version, which does not include the last three songs.

1. All Fired Up

Gun kicks off their 2024 album with three single releases. All Fired Up has been the first album teaser, released in November 2023. Smashing guitar riffs and a catching chorus lead to an enjoyable opening.

All fired upYou got me all fired upYou’ve got me burning with desireAnd it’s gonna take me higher

2. Boys Don’t Cry

The groovy Boys Don’t Cry has a touch of blues rock. Even though I feel that male beings may have a tear here and there, I definitely smile while listening to this cool single release.

3. Take Me Back Home

The three singles at the beginning of the album feature a nice range of songs. Take Me Back Home comes with a touch of glam metal. I am sure that the British fans, who can enjoy the band in December, will love partying to this one. Nice speed, good melodies – you simply feel this song from the very beginning.

4. Fake Life

Fake Life is the first song, which has not been released before the album. The song is a bit slower, but slower connects to the groovy touch of Boys Don’t Cry. In the pre-chorus and chorus, Dante Gizzi is doing a lovely job on the microphone.  A touch of typical Brit pop/rock music is undeniable.

5. Falling

Falling starts slower and does not develop the hard rock power of other songs. The song nonetheless has a nice touch. The emotional track is rather a song to chill out than to bang your head. Overall, it works out quite nicely, though.

6. You Are What I Need

While Falling already had an emotional touch, this is now the mandatory ballad on Hombres. Not too soupy, rather with a funky touch, the 4:39 minute song is also the longest track on the album. The backing vocals add a nice touch, especially in the chorus.

7. Never Enough

The guitar riffs define the sound of Never Enough. The band presents an easy listen, which has a nice rock touch. Gun deliver another catching chorus, Overall, the seventh song not the most prominent track of the album, but a good listen.

8. Don’t Hide Your Fears Tonight

The intro to this song has a kitschy touch, but the song just hides it rocking heart for a short while. Again, the chorus is the heart of the song, while is a nice and straight listen.

9. Lucky Guy

Lucky Guy is the last single release featured on Hombres. The ninth song opens with dark bass sounds, but then turns into a cool rock’n’roll sound. While the sound is rather lean until the first chorus, the Scottish band pushes up the power significantly thereafter.

10. A Shift in Time

For listeners to the normal version, Hombres closes with A Shift In Time. The strumming acoustic guitar is accompanying Dante Gizzi until the first chorus, before the full band is joining in and overall create a nice power ballad.

11. Coming Back To You

The deluxe album add-on starts with Coming Back To You. The song is more rocking than the predecessor, but is definitely also a rather heartwarming listen. Finally, this track is a good song, an enjoyable listen, which reaches its climax in the guitar solo.

12. Wrong To Be Right

The twelfth track Wrong To Be Right comes with rock’n’roll vibes and a nice speed from the very beginning. By that, the track is the key catch of the three additional songs and one of the highlights of the album overall. You have to move to the vibes of the track, definitely.

13. Pride

Pride drives the album with good rock grooves to its finish. The catching chorus is the icing on this 3:35 minute finale, indeed.


Gun – Hombres – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Gun – Hombres – My View

The Glasgow band released a really nice listen. Hombre is an entertaining album, the songs stay in your mind. I like the straight rock sound, which is here and there touching metal sounds, but can also be pop-ish here and there.

Favorite Song: Boys Don’t Cry in Glasgow

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