Corb Lund – El Viejo

Corb Lund - El Viejo



4.0/5 Pros

  • Lovely set of songs
  • Good, wide range of tunes and stories

Corb Lund is indeed already a well-known artist in the country music scene. The Canadian is active as a professional artist since 1995. His 23rd February 2024 release El Viejo is already his twelfth studio album.


Corb Lund – About The Artist

Corb Lund is a Canadian country and western singer-songwriter from Taber in Alberta. The city is located Southeast of Calgary. His debut album Modern Pain has been released in 1995. The highlight of his career was likely the 2012 album Cabin Fever, which topped the Canadian (all genre) charts. Besides his solo career, Corb Lund is also known as a member of the heavy metal band The Smalls. The band was active from 1989 until 2001, there was also a short 2014 revival.

Corb Lund – El Viejo – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 37 minutes.

1. The Cardplayer

The opening The Cardplayer is a very narrative song, which rather reminds of indie-folk singer-songwriter listens. Apart from the story itself, the speedy melody is a key element of this song.

2. I Had It All

The single release I Had It All spreads some country and Western style from the very beginning. The harmonica kicks off the song and also the vibes of the second track of the album is just in line with the expectations you might have. Overall, Lund is creating a really enjoyable atmosphere in here – which again focuses on the story.

3. Was Fort Worth Worth It?

The title already suggests that the third song is a lighter and comparably entertaining listen. With slightly traditional country music tunes, Lund is asking Was Fort Worth Worth it? and thereby feels rather pop-ish. This also leads to a really enjoyable sound.

4. Out On a Win

A musician in the corner of a saloon presenting his songs to an interested audience – Out On a Win feels like the perfect soundtrack for that scenario. The Canadian reduces his set of instruments, which leads to a rather intimate setting. Lovely.

5. Redneck Rehab

Especially compared to the rather slow song before Redneck Rehab is rather uptempo song. The melody of this song stays in your mind. Here and then, the song feels having a rock’n’roll touch before it is presenting playful banjo lines and quickly strummed guitars. A very versatile, stunning listen.

6. El Viejo (for Ian)

The title track slows down the speed of the listen. The song in the heart of the album is a lovely, slow four minute ballad. Even though there are some more energetic parts in El Viejo, it is rather stays in that atmosphere.

7. When the Game Gets Hot

The rhythm of When the Game Gets Hot is rather reminding me of Latin American songs. Thus, the seventh track is adding something very unique to the album. Can you do the cha-cha with your cowboy boots on? In that case, this might be your song.

8. Girl With the Stratocaster

Don’t we all love girls with guitars somehow? Corb Lund is at least telling us the story of the young lady with the Fender six-string. The emotional song (with is not lacking a bit of kitsch as well) is a lovely country music ballad. Like it.

9. It Takes Practice

Corb Lund’s El Viejo album strikes with a wide variety of songs. This track comes with a very present rhythm and a lot of potential simply to sing-a-long to the listen. Thereby, the instrumental setup does not change that much – Lund is rather using them in a very different way. I am sure that the phrase It Takes Practice stays in your mind for a while.

10. Insha’Allah

Religion is a typical topic in country and Southern music. However, “religion” is typical limited to the believe in a Christian God and – sometimes – in some alcoholic spirits. The more, this song is a really special one. The song with the rather ease melody does leave a mark in your mind.

11. Old Familiar Drunken Feeling

The last song Old Familiar Drunken Feeling is not only the longest listen of the album, it has also been released beforehand. The song is looking at typical family scenes without missing a bit of an ironic touch. The chorus, however, is a very straightforward country-Western sound. A good, long ditty to say farewell to the album.


Corb Lund – El Viejo – Spotify

Here is El Viejo on Spotify:


Corb Lund – El Viejo – My View

I really like El Viejo. I wouldn’t even too much point out individual tracks. In fact, the 2024 release by the Canadian is a lovely set of very different songs, which simply work well together.

Favroite Song: When the Games Gets Hot


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