Southerland – Boot Up EP

Southerland - Boot Up



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very good country music tracks
  • Nice working duo with good skills Cons

  • Very small range of styles of music

A debut release on 28th May 2021: the country duo gathered seven songs and released their debut EP Boot Up. Two very interesting artists and an interesting country music project, indeed. Here are my thoughts.


Southerland – About The Artists

Southerland is a duo by Matt Chase and Chris Rogers. Both met in Nashville, played gigs together as separate artists and finally decided to do music together. Chase is a South Carolina artist, while Rogers came from Georgia to do music. Both are also working as songwriters and nowadays write songs together. They are supported by Luke Combs. They had quite some success with some of their first songs. Thing Is has over 200,000 streams on Spotify.


Southerland – Boot Up – Track by Track

The seven song EP lasts 24 minutes

1. Boot Up

The EP starts with the title track. A rather dark, traditional country sound, which makes you feel comfortable from the very first minute. Very nice collaboration, in which the duo shows a nice vocal performance and really nice guitar play.

2. Might As Well Be Us

Might As Well Be Us starts a bit slower, but then the duo is continuing their vigorous country rock sound. The melodies are catching, the vocals are good… Really fun to listen to these two guys.

3. Came Out of Nowhere

Came Out of Nowhere is a song praising the small town country life – and produces. Thus, it is a song about a very classic country music topic – but Southerland tell it from a very different perspective. It came out of nowhere – at least from the perspective of many of us living in cities, the duo tells us. Nice song.

4. Dance

Dance tells the story of a country girl enjoying to move to country music at a party night out. And yes, indeed, you just have to dance in your mind with the girl in her red dress. Beautiful song.

5. Along Those Lines

The last three songs of the EP have been released before the album. If you take Spotify as a key measure, Along Those Lines is the least sucessful (so far). A beautiful vocal performance.

6. Little Bit of You

Unfortunately, the songs on the EP are melodically quite close. The stories are very different. Nonetheless – this sixth track is one of my favorites. Just a nice vibe and catchy chorus. And the bit matter of taste, which is always part of a rating as well.

7. Thing Is

Safe the best for last – Southerland goes for their very classic (and thus: very different) best-streamer so far, Thing Is. An easy choice when you want the listener to keep your music in mind after listening to the songs. Good song.


Southerland – Boot Up – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Southerland – Boot Up – My View

I am very glad that there is Thing Is at the end of the EP. The song is adding a very different type of song to the song collection. The other six songs are individually good, but as a set on a debut EP just too similar. If you really love their style, you will praise that – but if you want to give the duo a chance to be in your playlists, you might want to have a wider range of tracks. A good EP, but if they dare to go for more kinds of emotions next time, they will do even better.


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