Diane Weigmann – Die Wahrheit liegt irgendwo dazwischen

Diane Weigmann - Die Wahrheit liegt irgendwo dazwischen



4.3/5 Pros

  • Lovely voice
  • Six very good and emotional German pop songs

More than thirty years ago, Diane Weigmann was part of the founding of a legendary German band, the Lemonbabies. She is still active – and I happened to run into her new EP Die Wahrheit liegt irgendwo dazwischen (“The truth is somewhere in between”). It has been released physically on 16th April 2021. Two weeks later, there will be the online release.


Diane Weigmann – About The Artist

Diane Weigmann was born on 4th January 1974 in Berlin. At the age of 1989, she was one of the founding members of the Lemonbabies. She was part of the band until their break-up in 2002. The band had quite some popularity and even toured all over Europe. In 2000, she also acted as Diane Lemonbaby. In 2005, she debuted as a solo artist and went into the Top 40 with her album Das Album. The key track was Das Beste, which was in the German charts for nine weeks. She released three albums until 2012, before she also joined the production team 3Berlin. In that role, she also wrote and recorded music for kids. In 2019, she released another album as a solo artist, Größer als du denkst.

Diane Weigmann – Die Wahrheit liegt irgendwo dazwischen – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts twenty minutes.

1. Du leuchtest

The six track selection starts with its single release. The song spreads some happiness. A very rhythmic pop track. Really enjoy to listen to the opener (which translates to “You’re shining”) already..

2. Weggesehen

The way Weggesehen (“Looked away”), coming with an acoustic guitar and a fairy-alike vocal style, is just a lovely and gentle listening experience.

3. Nur einmal im Leben

Nur einmal im Leben is the second single of the EP. The song is my favorite of the whole collection of new songs. Very rhythmic, catchy. A really cool production.

4. Alles vom Tisch

Ein Wort hätt’ gereicht
Vielleicht wär’s nie so weit gekommen
Ein Satz oder zwei hätten die Zweifel mitgenommen
Ich hätt’s sie zerstreut, Deine Gedanken über mich
Unmut verwischt,
Alles vom Tisch.

(“A word would have been sufficient
Maybe it would have never got that far
One or two sentences would have taken the doubts away
I would have dispersed your thoughts about me.
Displeasure wiped away
The table is clean”)

The fourth song is getting more emotional. Alles vom Tisch (“Everything away from the table” – a German saying) just comes with lovely lyrics and an absolutely relatable mood. Great one!

5. Längst in Deinen Augen gesehen

Yeah, I know I do have a certain attitude to find country music pieces in many songs – but ain’t that one have a country-folk touch? Beautiful lyrics with a warm melody.

6. Die perfekte Illusion

Last, but not least, the EP closes with “The perfect illusion”. A song about desperately looking for life – but just struggling with the right way to find it. Lovely song.


Diane Weigmann – Die Wahrheit liegt irgendwo dazwischen – Spotify

The online release of the album is two weeks after the physical release, on 30th April 2021.


Diane Weigmann – Die Wahrheit liegt irgendwo dazwischen – My View

Really glad that I did run into this EP. I have to say that I neither followed Diane Weigmann nor the Lemonbabies too much before. But these six tracks are well-written, the singer-songwriter has a lovely voice you just have to listen to. If you like German pop or just want to have a new touch in your music playlist, give that lady a chance. Hard to imagine that she is in her late 40’s by the way – the voice has so much fairy-alike innocence, could also be a much younger artist.


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