Laura Cox – Head Above Water

Laura Cox - Head Above Water



4.7/5 Pros

  • Great range of blues-rock-Americana songs
  • Very versatile album

Third album release by Laura Cox. On 20th January 2023, the instrumentalist and artist shares Head Above Water with us. I had the opportunity to already listen to the songs before the release – and came to the following conclusion about the them.


Laura Cox – About The Artist

Laura Cox is a French guitarist and singer-songwriter, who was born on 24th November 1990. She is frequently naming her style of music “Southern Hard Blues“, which reflects that she is mixing blues, rock and country elements. Her 2017 debut album has accordingly been named Hard Blues Shot. Two years later, she released Burning Bright. Cox is rather popular in Europe as a touring artist.


Laura Cox – Head Above Water – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 45 minutes.

1. Head Above Water

The opening song is already giving me a bright smile while listening. Head Above Water is a lovely blues rocker with an undeniable slightly dark attitude. Lovely listen.

2. So Long

Dark guitar riffs, a marching bass line, stomping drums: Selecting So Long as a single release was defnitely a good move. The song simply stomps into your mind – and does not get of there any more. Did I mention that I love Laura Cox’s voice? Very clear, but still a bit of “ranchy attitude”.

3. One Big Mess

This almost four minute long song is a bit more rocking, very melodic and less bluesy. Laura Cox is also able to go for some smashing stadium rock sound. Not a big mess at all!

4. Set Me Free

One Big Mess closes with the words Maybe you can set me free – and that’s (almost) the title of the following song. The track is a bit slower and has a nice blues touch. Great powerful work on the six-string side.

5. Old Soul

The slow and fine sound of Old Soul rather reminds of a folk rock song – Laura Cox’s blues heart is just breaking through here and there. Very intense slow track. Very good chorus.

6. Wiser

From Old Soul to Wiser – can the contrast be bigger? At least at the very beginning, the French is waking us up with powerful guitar chords. Even though the song also allows some slower episodes, which have a nice blues rock reference, this song is a nice Americana rock song. Great option for your summer road trip playlist.

7. Before We Get Burned

Before We Get Burned is one of my favorites on the album regarding the instrumental work. There are so many different melodic lines in this song – it is a lovely treat. Brushed drums, great acoustic guitar-alike melodies and some banjo touch – the song is also feeling quite country music – alike.

8. Seaside

For the following 4:27 minutes, Laura Cox is going Seaside with the listener. The song is very picturesque and has a beautiful dream-ish touch. I wouldn’t call it my favorite listen of the album – but this sound just stays in your mind long after listening to the song.

9. Fever

These (almost) five and a half minutes are a treat for rock fans. Laura is pushing the guitars and defines a very straight, powerful. Headbanging almost guaranteeed.

10. Swing It Out

The second last track of the album reminds me of some ZZ Top songs. However, the slower and darker parts lead to a very intense listen. Great blues rock showcase.

11. Glassy Day

The last three minutes of the song are taken with this very intense, atmospheric songs. Laura Cox finishes her 2023 long-play duties in amazing style.


Laura Cox – Head Above Water – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Laura Cox – Head Above Water – My View

Damn, that’s a great one. The French lady is showing a great balance between rock, blues and other Americana genres. I released this review rather late during the weekend – but sometimes, you just have to safe the best for last. Thumbs straight up for the Top Pick! rating.



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