Tina Tandler – Songs for Saxophone

Tina Tandler - Songs for Saxophone



4.4/5 Pros

  • Great work on the saxophone (and other instruments)
  • Beautiful, pictureful recordings

Especially if you frequently watch concerts in Germany and neighboring countries, you simply know Tina Tandler. You might not know or remember her name, but most people will remember the red-haired female saxophone player, who is – among others – part of the band of Roland Kaiser. However, Tandler is also doing jazz and blues concerts and other projects as a solo artist or in other small stage configurations. And: Tina Tandler is releasing music – Songs for Saxophone is her latest one, which has been released on 13th November 2022.


Tina Tandler – About The Artist

Christina Tina Tandler is a German saxophone player born in Gotha in Thuringia on 29th June 1965. She originally started to play the accordion, but then went for the saxophone. She worked freelance in the G.D.R. and supported several live productions. One of the most well-known is her being a member of the Rockband Kerschowski. She later more and more also became a singer, but also worked in musical theaters. In 1994, she released her first album with the Tina Tandler Blue Band (later just Tina Tandler Band), She’s the Boss. Her latest solo release was the 2018 album Saxophon verliebt (“In love with the saxophone”). Tandler is nowadays living in Berlin.


Tina Tandler – Songs for Saxophone – Track by Track

The thirteen track album lasts 59 minutes.

1. Open Road

The first song of the album, Open Road, is a powerful, energetic track with a strong rhythm. The soulful saxophone is nonetheless dominating the listen. The chorus has the ease of a pop song and some summer vibes. nice one.

2. Breakfast in Havanna

Breakfast in Havana is allowing Christoph Reuter on the keys to open the song, before Tina Tandler is joining with the sax. The song is a nice listen and beautifully references the Cuban vibes. However, the jazzy drum play and the bass in the background feel to lead the track for quite a while.

3. Way Home

The gentle piano tunes and the – a bit too monotonous, drum computer-alike rhythm give a nice background cushion for Tandler’s saxophone. Her instrument is maybe a bit too dominant in this ballad-alike atmosphere. However, I love her way of interpreting the song in her way.

4. Driving to Sedona

From Cuba to Arizona. The track feels to promise Americana sounds, but these four minutes connect to Way Home in a rather straight way. That makes the song feel weaker than it actually is.

5. Joy Of Springtime

This song leads a nice focus on Tandler’s original instrument ,the accordion. The other instruments in Joy of Springtime play a subordinate role. The piano and some strings lead to a gentle feeling

6. Menschenleere Strassen

The title of the sixth song translates to “Deserted Streets”. With almost seven minutes of duration, the song is the longest listen of the album. This time, the quiet atmosphere is not broken, but supported by the sax. Beautiful atmosphere, even though the song might have had the same quality as a four or five minute listen. The metaphoric power of Tandler’s music is outstanding, though.

7. The Wedding Blues

Does the blues suit to a happy moment like a wedding? Tina Tandler confirms this this four minute track. The song comes with one of the most joyful playing performances of the whole album and the organ sounds feels like a nice fit to the blues groove. I still would not use the song for a wedding party, but I enjoy listening to it in other circumstances instead.

8. Look Back

The pop-ish style of Look Back reminds me of many 1980’s experiences. The sound of the keyboard feels very familiar – but then you realize that this track is definitely an original, not a cover.

9. Summer Days

For the ninth song, Tina Tandler is taking us to the Summer Days for some five minutes. The sound of the song makes me remind some 1980’s and 1990’s California located TV series. The main theme could easily be the soundtrack for some of them.

10. The Old House

The magic of a vintage building, but also a certain level of respect and threat emerges from the note Tandler plays at The Old House. The song is one of the strongest onomatopoeic ones on the whole album. I just sit down, listen and enjoy. The song as such creates pictures and memories.

11. Nicht mehr allein

Nicht mehr allein is maybe the most special song of the album. Obviously, the song title is German, which might feel unusual already. However, you can also listen to Tina Tandler’s voice in here – finally, the saxophone is not too present in here. Nice German pop song with an undeniable schlager touch. The track could also work well as a encouraging song for kids.

12. Sunshine Ride

The Sunshine Ride comes with a strong percussion presence, which indeed creates a nice summer touch while listen. The melody also feels like dancing, enjoying yourself. Even though there is some pop-alike feeling in the track, it also cannot deny a jazz core.

13. French Kiss

The accordion sound feels to perfectly fit to an enjoyable day in Paris – maybe with French kissing? The melody keeps on staying harmonic so that I feel that this date could have been a great one.



Tina Tandler – Songs for Saxophone – Spotify

I could not find the album on Spotify so far. Will add it once available. 


Tina Tandler – Songs for Saxophone – My View

This album is a beauty. Tina Tandler is a master of her instrument – and she perfectly creates visual pictures with the magic of her music. A few don’t work as good as the best songs of Songs for Saxophone, though. If you like instrumental music, Tina Tandler or the microphone as such, enjoy even more.


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