Simon Jela – Safe Place EP

Simon Jela - Safe Place



4.1/5 Pros

  • Great voice
  • Good and entertaining songwriting Cons

  • Most songs are a bit too similar

Hail to promotion platforms – just after I was really angry that I had listed some interesting publication with an incorrect publication date, I ran into the debut EP by Simon Jela. Safe Place with its 1970’s and 1980’s alike sound persuaded me from the very beginning. Let’s have a look into the five track set released on 1st October 2021.


Simon Jela – About The Artist

Simon Jela is a 24 year old artist, coming from Gelnhausen near Frankfurt in Germany. He is coming from a musical family. He is naming Toto to be one of his favorite bands. The singer-songwriter is doing a blend of pop and folk music.


Simon Jela – Safe Place – Track by Track

The five song EP lasts 19 minutes.

1. Imprudent Things

Simon Jela began 2021 with this song: the single was in fact released on 1st January 2021. A slow, intimate song with a nice, catching melody. Good pop sound.

2. Safe Place

The press kit states that the title track comes with “emotional lyrics with lively instrumentals”. Hmm, I would definitely underline the emotional side of the song. The backing choir might count as “atmospheric element”, but overall, the song creates a very direct, intimate – and also truthful feeling.

3. Too Dark To See

The sound of Too Dark To See could easily be the one of a 1980’s ballad. Perfect for a teenage disco party in that era – just when the boys and girls feel the urge of sharing some love. Four decades later, it is still a cool sound and a beautiful melody.

4. Chances

The first three songs were all somehow ballad-alike and very emotional. Thus, it feels almost relieving that the fourth one, Chances, starts with powerful riffs. Jela’s typical pop-folk sound is amplified by quite a bit of rock in this track. Actually, it is a cool fit.

5. If It Was On Me

A look into the press information states that If It Was On Me, a quiet, almost fragile acoustic guitar song, was the very first track the artist has ever written. Nice variation of voices between rather deep notes and falsetto parts. Very good listen.


Simon Jela – Safe Place – Spotify

Here is Safe Place on Spotify:


Simon Jela – Safe Place – My View

Without a doubt, Safe Place has a musical comfort zone. Apart from Chances, the songs have quite some similarities. Luckily, Simon Jela’s talent to write songs prevents that his debut EP sounds boring. Entertaining, good five tracks with a nostalgic spirit.


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