Rising Wings – Reach

Rising Wings - Reach



4.1/5 Pros

  • Straight classic (hard) rock sound
  • Very reliable and straight album Cons

  • Not too much variety in the songs

The story of the hard rock project Rising Wings is indeed a rather unique one: the band was already active in the mid-2000’s and released two EPs. Fifteen years later, in 2023, there was a new vital sign from Rising Wings, who started to release songs again. The result of that is Reach, which is in fact the debut album, released 17 years after the debut EP. Here is my review.


Rising Wings – About The Artists

Rising Wings is a rock band originally founded in 2006 in Schrobenhausen, Germany, North of Munich. The band was originally a one-man melodic rock act. Bauer has a background in several rock music bands and projects. Rising Wings released two songs, the three track EP Rising Wings in 2006 and the five track EP Higher two years later. There have been some singles thereafter, but overall, there were no major releases thereafter. For the album, multi-instrumentalist did not only do the vocal part, but also played guitar, bass and keyboard sections. However, there are also some guest musicians, namely Franz Raßhofer, Falco Münch, Markus Herzinger and drummer Bobby Santiago.


Rising Wings – Reach – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 44 minutes.

1. Ride On

The album starts with two songs, which have already been used to promote the album before the release. Ride On just got the right ingredients to give classic rock fans a comfortable feeling. The song is a straight rocker with a good drive and catching melody. Very nice opener.

2. Lonely Is The Night

Lonely Is The Night is the timeless masterpiece of the album. It would have been a great one in the 1980’s. We would have loved it in the initial Rising Wings period. And in 2023, it is still a great one. It does sound a bit of nostalgic, but not old-fashioned. The strategy behind the song is the same as before: straight rock with some nice arena potential. Great listen.

3. Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes is the first previously unreleased song of the album. The song starts with some strong chords, but the track cannot always keep up with the strong message. However, the message of the chorus Whatever it takes, whatever you do, give it your best shot is a strong and catching key phrase again.

4. Remember

During the promotion campaign towards the Read album, Remember took the role of the power ballad. Florian Bauer wrote a beautiful melody, which is nicely driving the song and does not allow the listener to leave the comfort zone.

5. Hey You

Hey You adds a strong rock’n’ roll to the album. The song comes with (another) sing-a-long chorus and a lot of speed. Later parts of the song also give the guitars the chance to present themselves with a nice, catching solo.

6. Reach The Sky

You get to reach the sky tonight
Set the world on fire
You better pull your heart and fight
It’s alright

The chorus of Reach The Sky nicely illustrates the simplicity and beauty how the Rising Wings sound 2023 is working. The songs are not complex, not fussy. Therefor, they stay in your mind, in your heart, quickly. The album feels like dopamine for any classic rock party.

7. Keep Going On

The longest track of the album is a perfect sing-a-long track. Especially the chorus is again creating a lovely, hymnic touch. The long duration of the song also allows having some more quiet and some instrumental sections as well. Thus, the song feels very entertaining.

8. Wild And Free

The eighth song is very melodic and feels like a folk rock track. The song has a nice ease and is just a nice listen.

9. Crying Time

Crying Time does add another very rhythmic and quicker track to the album. The song has good features, but is overall not my favorite one.

10. Times Of Rain

Rising Wings closes their 2023 album with a straight rocker. A song just like quite some others on this release. However, if you liked the songs before, you will love this finale.


Rising Wings – Reach – Spotify

Here is Reach on Spotify:


Rising Wings – Reach – My View

Classic (hard) rock – no fuzz, just fun. That’s about the concept of the album, which is working out fine. Florian Bauer and his band project might not surprise you with virtuous plays and new ideas each and every song, but once you started listening and enjoying the album, you will have a good time with it.


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