Premier Inn London Southwark (Southwark Station)

Premier Inn London-Southwark

126 GBP


3.4/5 Pros

  • Great location
  • Beautiful room Cons

  • Too many issues in the restaurant
  • Weird walk from room to dining

Before I headed to Portsmourth for some Rock of Ages shows in Southern England, I had a night at the Premer Inn London Southwark (Southwark Station). I had to replan and a rebook the trip right after a Covid-19 infection. Thus, I was looking for a reasonably priced place close to Waterloo Station, where my South Western Railway train to the harbor town was departing from. The night was right after I had the very good overnight at the Premier Inn London-Paddington Basin. Please note that there is also another Premier Inn outlet named Premier Inn London Southwark (Borough High St).


Premier Inn London Southwark Station- Location

The Premier Inn is really nicely located. Southwark Underground station is a short walk away. The walk to Waterloo station took me some ten minutes – I was comparably slow as I initially could not find the most efficient entrance into it. The hotel is in fact located in two building, there are covered foot bridge connections from the first floor (i.e. the floor above ground floor) onwards.

Honestly, I did not know this part of London too well, but the area around Premier Inn London Southwark (Southwark Station) is really nice. It feels very cozy, there are some nice places to hang out and socialize.


Premier Inn London Southwark Station – Room

Due to my Covid-19 re-planning, I booked the stay rather late, some two weeks before the actual Thursday to Friday stay in mid-June 2022. The prepaid rate for the room was 126 GBP, I also included the Meal Deal, i.e. dinner and breakfast, for 26.49 GBP later. The room itself was according to the latest Premier Inn design and thus felt very modern. The size of the room was not superb, but definitely a good value for money, regarding that you are in Central London and just have a short walk to ride London Eye or to listen to Big Ben. I also liked the work desk. However, I need to see that the coffee / tea making equipment took quite a bit of the table size. There was no really reasonable spot to put the water kettle and cups to, which felt a bit of unfortunate.

The shower bathroom felt very modern and also featured some space for your amenities. The room was absolutely clean, so that I did not really care about the slightly smaller size compared to the night before and really enjoyed that part of my stay.


Premier Inn London Southwark Station – Breakfast & Food

Like at the Paddington-area night before, the Premier Inn London Southwark (Southwark Station) featured a Bar + Block steakhouse, which served breakfast and dinner of my meal deal. The restaurant is located in the building opposite of the reception and thus has been in the same building like my room. However, there was direct connections from the rooms in that building to the restaurant, so that you  in fact had to cross the foot bridge, take the elevator to ground level to the lobby / reception, cross the walkway (outdoors) and re-enter the building you started your journey. The design of the Bar + Block is a beauty, I love the bar area, but also the dining area is really nice. In summer, you could also sit outside.

Breakfast was a bit of chaotic. Some items were permanently missing and the service just did not feel to be able to cover the traffic in the restaurant – even though it was not overwhelmingly full. I also felt that they could have made better use of the facilities available.

I had an excellent – and fast – dinner the night before, so that I was really looking forward to another taste at the Bar + Block franchise. Unfortunately, I have to clearly state that the Paddington outlet has been a way, way better experience. The service has been very slow. At least, they were very friendly and excused for the massive delay – the dinner took me about two hours for the first two dishes only. I clearly have to state that I appreciated that they invited me for dessert due to the mess caused, which definitely did smoothen my feelings.


Finally, I took this picture during breakfast: In the middle, you see the breakfast water dispenser, while around it – apart from the ketchup and brown sauce bottles (which are of course fine), there are various types of cleaning supplies. To me, this is absolutely disgusting and additionally illustrates poor management of the lovely restaurant.


Premier Inn London Southwark Station – Service

The staff has overall been very friendly. As usual in British Premier Inn locations, the WiFi needs a 5 GBP daily boost to become fully enjoyable. In line with Premier Inn’s policy, there is no gym or similar facility.


Premier Inn London Southwark Station – My View

A hotel review is a spot check on an accommodation facility. This time the restaurant killed the review – in a negative way. The place is a beauty, the location is great – but the dining (incl. breakfast) just had too many issues. Cleaning supplies next to a water dispenser is even potentially harmful to the health of customers. Check out their latest reviews before you book the Premier Inn London Southwark (Southwark Station) – if they d these things better one day, it will definitely be a very nice stay.


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