Tenille Townes – Masquerades EP

Tenille Townes - Masquerades



4.6/5 Pros

  • Seven beautiful songs
  • Great stories
  • Nice collaborations with Wrabel and Breland

New tunes by Tenille Townes. Some two years after the release of the The Lemonade Stand album, the Canadian country artist releases seven new songs at her new EP Masquerades. Release dates has been 22nd April 2022. Here is my review.


Tenille Townes – About The Artist

Tenille Townes is a female country musician from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. As an “appetizer” to her previous album, she released the EP Road To The Lemonade Stand. I gave some additional bio information in that review.


Tenille Townes – Masquerades – Track by Track

The seven track EP lasts 25 minutes. Apart from the two already released songs below, Tenille released music videos for all five new songs on her YouTube channel.

1. When You Need It (feat.Wrabel)

The EP starts with a great collaboration: Tenille Townes joins forces with New York artist Wrabel, who also co-wrote the track. A beautiful song about friendship and supporting each other – sometimes, a friend is all we’re needing.

2. When’s It Gonna Happen

When’s It Gonna Happen has been one of the two single releases. I feel that this is one of Tenille’s most lovely listens so far. The sorry comes with a good story, but is also very catching on the melodic side. Really good one.

3. The Sound of Being Alone

A deep, almost dark rhythm is driving the rather slow third track of the EP. The song might not feel too present at first listen – but the more I listened to the seven track, the more, this one became a fascinating listen to me.

4. Villain In Me

There is a villain in me – not only this snippet of the lyrics states that this song is another deep, personal listen. Even though the dark spirit of the song also turns into a fairy-like melody at the end of the song – Villain In Me is indeed a special and magical listen.

5. Shared Walls (feat. Breland)

Rap, gospel and soul – even though there were also country rap tracks in Breland’s career, this collaboration might be rather surprising. But: the collaboration works out – and Shared Walls creates a lot of energy. Lovely lyrics.

We share walls
We share feeling
Nights alone
Stare at ceiling
We might act like strangers on the street
I know a lot about you, you know a lot about me
Shared walls.

6. Same Road Home

While the previous songs felt very quiet, almost fragile in some parts, Same Road Home is more powerful. A straight modern country song with a nice vibe and present rhythm. And of course, with the great way of Tenille Townes telling you her stories.

7. Light In Your Eyes

The closing Light In Your Eyes is closing with typical country music tunes and thus somehow closing the Masquerades story as well. It has been a really great journey through these seven songs.


Tenille Townes – Masquerades – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Tenille Townes – Masquerades – My View

Wow! Masquerades is definitely my favorite release by Tenille Townes so far. I love to be taken on these seven musical journeys. Two great collaborations and overall really wonderful songs. Thankful for that listen.


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